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“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” – Mark Twain

advertising-ideasWhen you are running a handmade business, an advertising and promotion budget often seems like a luxury you can’t afford. But, without it, your business will be stuck on a shadow of more successful craft businesses.

On the brighter side, you can make your business BIG or even outshine your competitors with the right kind of advertising and by finding inexpensive ways to promote your business.

Here are some tips for you (click on the links for more useful tips):

  1. Optimize listing descriptions for Google Search. Find the right keywords to use by doing keyword research.
  2. Use Facebook to make connections with customers.
  3. Use Twitter to keep customers updated with your products.
  4. Take great pictures of your handmade products.
  5. Take great pictures and pin them on Pinterest.
  6. Take great photos so your items reach Etsy’s Front Page.
  7. Take great pictures and upload them on Flickr with your product’s page url in the description.
  8. Tumblr is another great free blog/photo site for your handmade products.
  9. Create a professional-looking blog for your online craft store. Here’s why you should start blogging.
  10. Create informative blog content that is useful to your target audience (video tutorials, DIYs, etc.).
  11. Comment on other blogs, many blogs will link your name back to your website. When you comment make sure you enter your website in the field that asks for it.
  12. Do a giveaway contest on your blog or website.
  13. Use all 14 tags to describe your item, use a few unique words/colors/descriptions.
  14. Do an occasional e-mail marketing with a free site like MailChimp.
  15. Hand out business cards, take them with you everywhere.
  16. Participate in a craft show, make sure to hand out business cards or postcards.
  17. Participate in Etsy Teams or Forums to connect with other crafters. Share ideas and learn from them.
  18. Use Google Analytics to analyze existing traffic so you can reach your target audience and keep them in your shop.
  19. Keep visitors in your shop by Including links to shops sections and other items in your listing descriptions.
  20. Donate some of your products or services to a charitable event; include a stack of business cards.
  21. Brand your items with sewn in tags, hang tags, and packaging (especially if you wholesale).
  22. Provide exceptional customer support, so they tell their friends or even help promote your business.
  23. Promote your products with video marketing.
  24. Post tutorials on Youtube!
  25. Find free places to advertise in your local community – put your business cards up in coffee shops, craft supply stores, at your salon, or places your customers might go.
  26. Take advantage of what’s hot on the season and do some holiday marketing.
  27. Use your own products in public as much as possible (wear them, etc.).
  28. Offer great discounts to family, friends and trusted clients to help you spread the word about your products. Word of mouth is some of the best advertising out there.
  29. Give out a free trial product – not something we all want to do, but sometimes if you make something great it can pay to let people try it out firsthand
  30. List your website on free online directories related to your niche .


30 Free Ways To Promote Your Craft Business And Products Online

That’s a huge list of advertising ideas isn’t it?

If you think we missed something, please share it with us.

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