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Do you enjoy working on craft projects? Are you wondering where to get the cheapest craft supplies online?

find-cheap-craft-suppliesYes, you love creating, getting your hands dirty, and have fun with your very own products. But sometimes crafting can get very, very expensive. While there are craft shops and even chain stores devoted specifically to arts and crafts, there are also other options.

Sometimes, it just makes more financial sense to buy materials online.

Here’s a list of craft stores to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to make the perfect crafts:

  1. A.C.Moore – This shop has many store locations, and sells basically all of your crafting needs online!
  2. Alibaba – This online venue is also known as Chinese ‘Ebay’, exactly like any legit auction Site. If you’re Chinese or Asian, Alibaba may be a good option for you.
  3. Amazon – Some crafters do their craft supply shopping here. You may doubt it but they have a huge range of products + supplies.
  4. Beadaholique – This is a great shop for jewellers… chain, beads, and more.  Nearly everything you need to create jewelry.
  5. BJ Craft Supplies – An online source for craft supplies offering a wide variety of general craft supplies for your project. They have a large assortment of beads of all kinds and colors, doll supplies, miniatures, jewelry findings, plastic canvas supplies, music buttons and much more.
  6. Create for Less – This is another great site for basic crafting supplies.  They offer bulk pricing if you are buying a lot of a certain item… also, they offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more.
  7. Ebay – You can find pretty much everything you can imagine here.  Type in your crafting needs in Ebay and you should get hundreds of matches!
  8. Etsy – They’ve got some great stuff that you can’t necessarily find elsewhere, from vintage materials and also bulk quantities of beads that come direct from China. It’s also very affordable in Etsy if you find the right stores, too.
  9. Expression Vinyl – They have affordable etching, vinyl, etc. supplies! They are also quick in processing and shipping it.
  10. Factory Direct Craft – They offer free shipping on all orders over $50.
  11. Fire Mountain Gems – For beading supplies. And for some items, you pay less if you order in bulk. I love it!
  12. Fusion Beads – It is another great store if you’re looking for beads. Free shipping no matter your order total!
  13. Hobby Lobby – They have become reasonably priced craft supplies (especially macrame + waxed linen,) and neon goodies.
  14. Joann – This store is a favourite of crafters. They have everything you can imagine for your crafting needs.  From fabrics to sewing to scrapbooking, it has the lot.
  15. Kids craft kits at S&S Worldwide – A great site to hit if you need crafts for a birthday party. This is another favourite of most crafters. They focus on bulk supplies though, but the price per individual item is pretty low.
  16. Knit Picks – Don’t forget about knitpicks.com for quality yarn at awesome low prices! They also carry roving, needles, hooks, buttons, dye, and lots of other stuff.
  17. Mister Art – This may not be a store that offers the cheapest craft supplies but it is great for true artists.  It has an assortment of paints, canvases, easels, framing, and much more for serious painters and artists.  It also has an assortment of other various craft supplies.
  18. M&J Trim – This store is perfect for buttons and trim, chain and your other DIY projects.
  19. Online Fabric Store – Find your fabrics online. They also offer a huge array of faux leather and shipping is free for orders over $50.
  20. Oriental Trading – They are great for cheap toys and gifts, but it also has a great assortment of crafting supplies! This is a great place for scrapbookers to go. The supplies are also very child friendly!
  21. Ornamentea – It is another great site for basic jewelry making supplies. They also have a cute blog with lots of tutorial projects.
  22. Save on Crafts – you’ll find random supplies on this site and the prices are amazing. You’ll find ribbons, paper lanterns, mason jars, feathers, and more… if you can find what you’re looking for, the price will be right.
  23. Studs and Spikes –  You’ll find a wide array selection of spikes, studs, and (fake) bullets. Their customer service is also really great.

That’s on our list for now.

But wait… there’s more! You can always find cheap craft supplies but you can save more by finding FREE craft supplies.

How about you? Do you know any other great online craft stores? Please share it with us through the comment box below.

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  1. I have purchased a shadow box
    It’s not heavy at all It’s not wood
    My bread box is wearing on the edges
    I see it’s not wood either looks like layers of card
    Board or paper painted over Appears to be wood if you don’t knobetter
    I would like to purchase similar items made of this material for crafting I don’t know what it’s called or where to purchase unfinished items like this
    Does anyone know

  2. Gary,

    “Alibaba – This online venue is also known as Chinese ‘Ebay’, exactly like any legit auction Site. If you’re Chinese or Asian, Alibaba may be a good option for you.”

    … not all asians are Chinese, and alibaba.com is a Chinese site. just saying…

  3. Lol why would you need to be asian or chinese (btw you could just say Asian.) for alibaba to be a good choice for you?

  4. Triarco is a good place too-except for jewelry type items. There selection otherwise is amazing though. Thanks for the list! It’s been really helpful for me!


  6. I’m not sure where you got this information, but Etsy isn’t a “straight from China” site. I know that some Etsy sellers are in China, but Etsy sells handmade items, vintage items, and supplies from people all around the world. Your description implies that Etsy sells only cheap Chinese goods and that is not true.

    1. Hi Sarah. That wasn’t meant to be the implication that all stuff on Etsy comes straight from China, I think the languaging there was probably a little misleading in what it was meant to say that you can simply get some good bargains on Etsy that happen to come straight from China. I’ve just made a quick edit now so hopefully that reads a little better. Thanks for your input 🙂

      1. Hi please help, I have a sock and hair accessorie business, I need suppliers of good quality children’s fold down ankle socks, crochet material to make headbands, satin ribbon and Roses and bead string and sew on embelishments wholesale, I’ve been buying for ebay which is working out expensive, oh also a packaging supplier, please help. Kind regards Kerry

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