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When you run your first booth at a craft show you have no idea what to do and it can be very overwhelming.

  • How should I set it up?
  • How will I make it stand out?
  • What do I need to make displays out of?

To help answer all those questions and more, we gathered some cool examples and tips that will make your booth stand out from the crowd and make you craft show royalty:

Indoor Craft Show Examples



Say Hello! – Nothing turns people off more than a seller who ignores them. One of the easiest craft fair ideas for generating more sales is to say hello or crack a joke to make them feel welcome. It not only breaks the ice but allows a customer feel at ease in your booth will stay longer, and therefore purchase more.


Be Unique – If you need to get rid of the table to stand out, then go for it! I know that it is not always a practical solution — but brainstorming ways you can set up your booth can help you in the long run (even if you do end up with a tabletop display). If you can’t get rid of the table, then think of something that will transform it into an artsy craft table display.


Experiment With New Colors – Most sellers use white tablecloths and canopies. This may give your booth a neat look but this may be seen by people as a continuum instead of individual places to shop. Choose a tablecloth or canopy color that matches your brand, you’ll not only stand out from the white crowd but will save on any cleaning expenses.


Giveaways – Kids love free candy and adults are no different, though they may try to hide it. Free candy can rope in a whole crowd of people who might have otherwise walked past your booth.


Kids – Don’t forget the kids! Most shoppers will be bringing along young children. Have items to catch a child’s eye down low or invest in a bubble gum machine and fill it with sweets. A few turns on the irresistible machine will make you some profits as well.

Outdoor Craft Show Examples


White Craft Booth – Some craft shows require a white canopy and as I mentioned on tip #3, your shop might be mistaken as a continuation of other shops. However, you can still make your booth stand out by being creative on your banner, interior design, tables, etc. but why not really spice it up and use something out of the ordinary to grab the shopper’s eye from across the room. You can also be inspired by examples of craft shows from different countries . These are depending on your space size of course, or could be scaled to fit.


Make A Better Banner – Don’t forget your banner as it will catch your customer’s eye and give them an idea of what you sell.  Have a banner with your name big enough so people can see it from a distance. It would also be great if you write what products customers will find on your booth (especially if your business name doesn’t make it immediately clear what you sell) to avoid being ignored by shoppers.


Give And You Will Receive – A person who buys from you at a fair is more likely to be a repeat customer if they have a reason to return. Give out a card with a discount code or throw in a small item when you bag their purchase, such as a note card or sticker.


Limiting Display Products – If you are creating pieces in bulk, you can encourage your customers to buy by limiting your display products. Instead of putting out all 10 prints, just put out 1. Your customer will think that it is the last piece and she will be more likely buy the item before it’s gone.

Other Craft Display Ideas

Some sellers may ignore this but pricing each of your products is important. 9 times out of 10 those few items that are not priced will be walked away from because most shoppers are just simply too “Shy” to ask. Even if you are using a signage of something like “all stuff is below $2”, shoppers are sometimes distracted from looking at other products and talking with their friends that the signs are sometimes missed especially in large craft shows where they get crowded.



Save on your display tools by making mannequins out of whatever fabric suits your booth display.

Learn how it is made by visiting this blog.


Playing cards for jewelry display.



Cut your 1.5 liter plastic bottle in spiral with holes punched in it to make this amazing ear ring display.

Bracelets and Watches


Handmade displays with recycled materials (PVC pipe, paint rollers, burlap) for craft show displays.



Customise your own ring display with a simple wooden box. There’s a tutorial available by POPKO too, so you can make your own.


Interesting display idea for rings by using rice in tiered server.



Jewelry display glasses on pillows.


Make use of your old books out of the shelf and look creative in displaying your crafts.


If you have an unused foamed chair, take it out from the basement and use it to display your products.


Cover your picture frame with colourful threads, yarns, nylons, etc. and hang in there your handmade cards, pictures, tiny wallets, etc.


Be creative with your suitcase.


Business Cards – These are so important because it might be the only way potential customers can find you again once they leave your booth.

Check how you can create this fork card holder by following these steps.

That’s all for now!

Craft fairs are a wonderful opportunity to showcase your products and meet other artisans. I hope this list of craft show display ideas will spark your creativity and make your next show a success.

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  1. Wow these are just wonderful suggestions for completely “outside-the-box” ways to display our wares. I’ve certainly never seen anything like any of these set-up’s where I’m from in Queensland, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. All wonderful Ideas! I don’t do craft shows often. but this November I plan to do a show. very Helpful. thank you!

  3. Hi, I am making Candles in Jars and always looking for a new way to display them on my craft table. Any suggestions?

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