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Testimonials and feedback from some of our users of Craft Maker Pro:

Great program.

Mine is a very small business with lots of materials to use as I have been buying beads, findings and all stuff necessary to make fashion jewelry for years, without really thinking about selling, until now.
It’s amazing how this program has helped me get organized and has opened my eyes in terms of how to put price to my merchandise.
Love it.
Thank you.

Claudia Aranda

GREAT Product For Crafters

I purchased this software about two weeks ago. My daughter sells custom tumblers and other crafts and I thought I would get into pen turning and other turning crafts and team-up with her.

I have over 35 years experience as a computer programmer and web designer and thought I would write a program myself. I searched the internet to see what was available that I could “copy” and found nothing that really met our needs until I found Craft Maker Pro. No need to write my own software now!

The price was VERY reasonable compared to other software/on-line craft applications. Whether you’re experienced with computers or not the software is VERY easy to use.

I didn’t want an on-line application as many craft fairs/shows in my area do not have available internet or it’s spotty at best as many of the shows are out of doors in the spring/summer/fall.

Craft Maker Pro’s Support is second to none. I put in two tickets with general questions and received a response that answered my questions within 30 Minutes!

If you’re a crafter looking to sell your merchandise or just looking for an efficient way to keep track of inventory and costs, do yourself a favor and buy this product!

Chris Stone

Perfect for controlling my studio

I’ve finally found a tool that let’s me track my raw materials, clients and products in an easy to use relational database. No more broken spreadsheets and losing data everywhere! If you struggle with controlling the data side of your business then Craft Maker Pro is your solution!

Anthony Sanger

Great program, great value

I’ve had a chance to dig into the program a bit, and I love the setup. Previously I used Craftybase, which made learning your program a little more difficult because I was so used to doing it one way. I loved Craftybase, I just couldn’t afford it.
Craft Maker Pro is a really good deal for the price. I like that I can pay one time and own the program, rather than having to make monthly payments.
As usefulness goes, I think it is an amazing program.
Once the Christmas rush is over, that will be a New Year’s resolution to get my inventory management under control and develop a production process that includes inventory.

Linda Bryant

One of the best things for my business.

I run a small custom laser engraving business. I was struggling for a way to keep track of my raw material on hand as well as material that was consumed when a product was produced. Craft Maker Pro solved every issue I had in organizing my raw material and product inventories. It is well worth the money and the company themselves are great to work with!

Jess Spiers
S&S Woodsmithing

Best Craft Maker Software Out There!

I have used this software for more than 8 years. I am using the previous version of this software but I do believe the current version will work the same if not even better. I am going to change to the current version soon too! It is the best jewelry software one could ever ask for.

It is super user-friendly and easy to learn. From creating inventory pieces to calculating the cost of each jewelry design to creating a customers list to generating invoices, and sales receipts. It literally has all the features one could ask for. It even lets you load images of all the pieces you have stocked or created so you know what each part number refers to.

The best of all though is the customer service. I never had to reach out to Gary until recently due to a software issue. Not only did he responded in a timely manner, but he also patiently answered all my questions and provided all the support I needed. My problem was solved! What a relief! I believe in companies who stand by their products!

Give this software a try if you are trying to organize your inventory, customers, and vendors! I highly recommend it!

Karen N

Craft Maker Pro helping business grow in a pandamic

I found Craft Maker Pro when I had to switch from a brick and mortar craft supply store to a online craft business. It has help with keeping track of the supplies I have left from the store. It has also helped with how I will price the kits that I will be making to go with my you tube channel. This program is easy to work with more then paper and pen.

Pennie Espiritu

Great Inventory Platform

I had a software program which ended its support and left it users without access to all their data. So to “Craft Maker Pro” I went – and happily so. Gary even personally sent me the manual for transferring data from the old software to Craft Maker Pro. Thanks Gary for being so supportive!

Charlotte Kohler

Fantastic program!

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Offers everything a small business needs! Inventory control and cost per item, bill of materials , project timing, suggested prices. It does everything! Keeps track of every shell, beads, glue stick, lets us know when stock is getting low.

I love it!

Samantha Filson

I have been very impressed

I have been very impressed with this program. I love the organization and ease of use. There was a learning curve, as with any program, but once I figured out the best way to input and organize for my essential oils business, it has been a breeze! I love the invoices and tax calculations. They make calculating and recording sales tax significantly easier on me.

It will be a lifesaver as I seek to grow my business.

Stacie McConnell
Do Drops Aromatherapy

Best software for my business!

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I love it! Very useful. Keeps track of items, inventory, vendors, etc.

Also provide great tutorial information for starting your business!

Samantha Filson

Common-Sense and Easy to Learn

Having looked for an easy solution to replace JDM, I found it in CraftMaker Pro. It’s very common-sense, easy to learn and easy to import parts information from JDM. Customer service repsonse time is very reasonable and Gary even made a personal video for me regarding an issue I was having. Who DOES that? Thanks Gary!

Shelli Kahl

Should’ve purchased years ago!

After 4 yrs of jewelry making and tracking my components thru Excel, I decided it was time to find a platform for it all. After researching and measuring the needs along with projected use, I landed on Craftmaker Pro.

I love the ease of the initial DL and how compatible is it no matter what type of business. Working backwards to enter all of our stock has been a chore but you can easily grab a stack and enter items fairly quickly.

There is a tiny bit of click heavy repetition with entering sizes of items that I wish was more streamlined to tab / enter thru it, but it certainly isn’t enough to turn from purchasing.

The biggest bonus is NO MONTHLY FEES! I love how broad the search engine is balancing against how you set up your categories. I haven’t checked the reporting side of it yet, that will be interesting. I love how easy it is to make changes to listings and the additional space for the description.

I have recommended the SW to a number of different artists just based alone on its flexibility.

You won’t be disappointed

Teri McCartney

Finally Purchased!

I finally almost have given up my giant spread sheet. I have used a very large spread sheet for 16 years. Each year having to add more show columns and inventory columns. Keeping up making sure the formulas were OK. I have been looking for a software package for over a year. Eight months ago I came across CraftMaker Pro.

I was not sure if I wanted to pay this much for it. Then the show season hit and we were busy. Spreadsheet always needed adjusting and work.

This past month I bought a copy of CraftMaker Pro. This is so much easier and I feel confident that the results I get will be accurate. I can see how much time this will help me. I’m still setting it up, so far so good.

So thank you, I would have saved so much effort if I only bought the software 8 months ago.

Gordon Kay

Gordon Kay

I would actually be very very very lost without it.

jocelyn parry jones

Just another message to say thank you to yourself and wife for creating this program. I would actually be very very very lost without it. My handmade business is growing rapidly and this software helps me to keep my head above water and know what is going on with my stock.I really appreciate this and seriously can’t thank you enough:)

Jocelyn Parry-Jones

This Software is Awesome!


This software is awesome.
It’s not only for those who make jewelry. I make dollhouse/miniature food.
My supplies were scattered all over. I was also blessed with a huge supply of items from a friend who closed her miniature store.
Needless to say, knowing what I had on hand to work with was now impossible.
I tried regular databases, most free, only after hours of entry finding out the database would not do what I needed it to do.
I am recommending Craft Maker Pro to all my Mini Friends who need to keep track of their parts and pieces.

Martha Carter Tyler

It’s A Winner!


Great program for me, good after sales support and lots of helpful training.

It’s a winner!

Ideal for crafters who would like to be more professional.

Barbara Desvaux de Marigny

Don’t hesitate; just jump right in!

lee baxter

Each craftsperson has their own particular needs for managing an inventory and preparing handcrafted items for sale.
This is the first software I have ever seen that is geared to those needs.
I live in the upper left corner of the United States – Australia is a bit of a hike from here, and that distance can be a bit daunting when contemplating spending more than a handful of dollars with a company – or individual – who is so far away.
I have found Gary to be as good as his word. He is quick to jump in and help with any difficulties – it feels like dealing with a guy just across town, not half a world away.

Lee Baxter
Jewelry Junquie

A Big Advantage

Using this program is a huge help. Entering all of my inventory gives me actual numbers, not guesses about my yarn stash. When I create, with just a few clicks, the pattern/item is priced and ready for sale. The addition of pictures, the ability to store vendors and buyers, everything just falls together. No more fading receipts, notes on envelopes, business cards lost. This program is such a big help to me.

Eva Terry

CMPro Removes The Headache

never bored creations

I deal with so many small pieces that cost fractions of pennies. CMPro takes the headache out of
keeping track of all my pieces and the parts it takes to make them so I don’t burn up profit in record keeping!

Lisa Palmer

Perfectly Tracks My Fabric Use

the back yard chicken farmer

I’ve used Bead Manager Pro for my jewelry for several years. However, I’ve moved more towards other craft items and no longer focus solely on jewelry. I’ve been adapting BMPro for these things but there is so many more capabilities I need from the software. Now that I plan to add handcrafted items to my website, I need something like this for accurate tracking.When I saw the beta testing opportunity for the new crafting program, I jumped at the chance. This is what I’ve been looking for. Since I work with fabrics a lot, I needed something that would accurately track my parts usage. CMPro fits the bill! It perfectly tracks my fabric usage down to the quarter yard. I use a lot of fabric in this amount for my projects and when it comes to patchwork quilting it’s ideal.I am now in love with this software and would highly recommend it for all crafting projects.

Nancy Aymond

Does What Other Programs Don’t

I went in to this program feeling that I wasn’t going to like it any better than what I currently use. For a while that kept me from seeing what a great program this really is.
Once I quit judging and starting learning this program all the way through I am really excited about it.
The instant calculations of Dimensions, Weights and Measures is quite a time saver as is the Etsy/PayPal calculator. I like being able to adjust the layout of reports for different needs.
These are all things that my current program does not offer. I’m sure there is more but these time savers really stand out right now.

Debbie Jackson

Made Managing My Business Easier

faded leaves

I love how easy this is to use and how it keeps track of all my items so easily. I can automatically see how much i have left of what product, which ones are most popular, how many have sold, and where they are currently listed/up for sale.

Its made managing my business so much easier.

Shannon Hooker

Helps Control My Inventory Properly

aluminium jump rings

One of the best features found is also the newest feature, being able to specify inventory by weight, length and volume will really help me control my inventory properly.

David Volk