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“A Pinterest board is a screamingly obvious set up for an online catalog. Click a photo and jump to a page where you can buy it from.” New York Times

29-pinterestIt looks like exactly what a craft business owner needs, right?

If you own a craft business online, you know that your handicrafts’ photographs usually do the marketing for you.  In the social media world people are very selective what they read and look at, first impressions count, and Pinterest makes it easy to grab their attention.

Why use words when a picture can sum it up?

How It Works

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things you love. Browse boards about crafting created by others to discover new things and be inspired by people who share your interests.

In Pinterest, people can follow your boards and any new images you display will appear in their Pinterest Feed. You can also install a Pinterest widget on your website or blog giving your followers the option to share it to their network through a ‘Pin it’ button, or follow button, profile widget, or board widget.

Check this guide to learn how to add Pinterest button and widget to your craft business’ website or blog.

If you want to join Pinterest, follow these instructions to get started.

Pinterest And Etsy

If you are on Etsy, you understand that most Etsians are drawn to the visual nature of Pinterest as a way to showcase items for sale in the Etsy marketplace. Items pinned from Etsy also come with attribution, ensuring that each pinned item carries a shop’s name and that the details contain the item name and price. This helps Pinners understand that the item is for sale just a click away and ensures that the seller gets recognized.

But you don’t need to be part of Etsy to benefit from Pinterest. You can set up your very own board and link back to your products as well.

Understanding Pinterest

  1. Pin – A pin can consist of an image or video of handicrafts, jewelries, etc. In order to populate your craft business’ Pinterest profile, you need to collect and pin individual pins to boards on your brand’s profile.
  2. Board – Your Pinterest profile consists of boards, with pins on each board. A board is an opportunity for your brand to showcase various themes/interests/passions of your brand. You can create as many boards as you like, but you want to make sure that each board has a purpose and strategy related to your craft business.
  3. Pinning –If you are new to Pinterest, you need to take the first act of pinning an item. In order to pin a piece of content your brand owns, you can click on “upload a pin” to pin an image or video that lives offline, and “add from a website” to pin an image from online.
  4. Followers – They are Pinterest users who have chosen to “follow” your brand. Once a user has become your follower, each pin/repin made by your brand appears in that user’s Pinterest newsfeed.
  5. Following –They are brands and Pinterest users that you are following. Once your brand becomes a follower of a brand on Pinterest or a Pinterest user, anytime that user or brand makes a pin or a repin, it will show up in your newsfeed.
  6. Repin – Once you see a pinned item, you are free to repin that pin. Each time your pins get repinned, that pin will show up in the newsfeeds of all of the Pinterest users following the user who repinned your pin.
  7. Newsfeed – There are three newsfeeds on Pinterest: your brand’s newsfeed, another Pinterest user’s newsfeed, and the Pinterest category newsfeed. Newsfeeds allow you to discover more content on Pinterest.
  8. Like – Just like Facebook, Pinterest users are able to like pins. The difference between liking a pin and repinning it is that with liking, the user is not prompted to pin that pin to their profile and it does not show up in the newsfeed of their followers.
  9. Comment – You or users can leave a comment below the content of each pin. Similar to a “like,” a comment does not push that pin into the commenter’s follower’s newsfeeds.

Talking about pinning photos, you might also be interested to read our guide on how to make your handicraft photos more attractive by using Photoshop.

That’s all for now!

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