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You want your site to rank well, right? Then you have to know about keyword research before you start optimizing your site for the search engines. A good start would be to choose 3 or 4 keywords you would like your website to rank well for.


You can use the new keyword tool from Google Adwords – The Keyword Planner, at any time for free. It allows you to search for keyword and ad group ideas, and see how a list of keywords might perform, and even create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists of keywords together.

Keyword Research

This new keyword tool combines elements of two existing keyword tools, the Google Keyword Tool and the AdWords Traffic Estimator… but most of us really need the Google Keyword Tool, anyway.

This video created by JMGRP goes through the steps to use the new keyword planner versus the old keyword tool. It’s very informative but covers some more generic terms rather than specific craft related items.

Watch the video and then follow though the steps listed below to get yourself started on research for your craft business.


Go to your Google Adwords account (a must!), sign up for a free account if you don’t have one.


Go to Tools and Analysis Keyword Planner and you will be given 3 options on how to do your keywords research.


  1. Search for keyword and ad group ideas
  2. Enter or upload keywords to see how they perform
  3. Multiply keyword list

For crafters, click the first option and enter your first keyword idea. Don’t forget to select the right location or country and click the ‘Get ideas’ button.

Using the Keyword Planner’s interface, it lets you brainstorm keywords using any or all of the following three methods:

  • By Keyword – a word or phrase relevant to your business.
  • By Landing Page – a landing page on your site (or your competitor’s), the Keyword Planner will scan and infer keywords that are relevant to those pages.
  • By Product Category – choose from pre-defined keyword categories.

Filtering Keywords From Your Keyword Plan

Go to the Keyword Ideas tab to start your keyword research. You can filter keywords based on the following ways:


  • Keyword – you can specify to include or exclude keywords containing specific terms
  • Average Monthly Searches – The average number of times the people have searched for this exact keyword based on the targeting settings that you’ve selected.
  • Keyword Competition – The number of advertisers that showed on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google.
  • Average CPC – The average Cost Per Click for this keyword across all ad positions.
  • Ad Impression Share – Ad impression share is the number of impressions you’ve received divided by the total number of searches for the location and network you’re targeting that matched the keyword exactly in the last calendar month.

Select a Match Type (located at the left sidebar) to see the monthly traffic volume for a keyword with that match type.

How Does Match Type Work?

The result will show you approximately how much traffic a keyword with a selected match type gets on Google.

Broad Match

It is the sum of the search volumes for the keyword, related grammatical forms, synonyms and related words.

This will return results with the keywords that you typed in at the top in bold and the search volumes as well as other related keywords. This will now give you an idea about other keywords that you hadn’t thought of and can be useful for your business.

These results will be based on Broad Match, which is the default. What this basically means is that someone has typed these keywords in to Google but not necessarily in the order that you have typed them in when you are checking them.

i.e. marketing crafts could have been typed in as:

  • What “marketing” tips are there for “craft” sellers
  • How can I apply some “marketing” knowledge to my “craft” business

So both words exist in the search that the user typed in but not together in the sentence.

You can see here that while set to broad match the search volume may appear the same.

Exact Match

The search volume for that specific keyword and close variants

Phrase Match

It is the sum of search volumes that include the whole phrase or near variants of the whole phrase

By changing this to Phrase Match you will get a much better idea of which keyword is the better one as phrase match means that the keywords have been typed in that particular order in a search query such as:

  • What “marketing crafts” tips are there?
  • How can I apply some “marketing crafts” knowledge to my business?

In this example below we can see that “Craft Marketing” is in fact much more popular than “Marketing Crafts” so we would then choose this as our primary keyword for the article.

By switching to “phrase” you get a better idea of the actual search volume.

That’s it! Easy, right?

As you use Keyword Planner, remember to use our market research guide for crafters to optimize your craft business.

So I hope this tutorial has helped you understand how to choose the right keywords for your online craft business and how to create a logical SEO structure in your pages.

If you would like more information on how to use the Google Keyword planner check out their official guide here.

How about you? Do you have other techniques for doing keyword research that really work? If yes, I would love to hear what you do.

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