Craft Photography Series 1: Taking Photos Of Your Craft Work

Craft Maker Pro » Craft Photography Series 1: Taking Photos Of Your Craft Work

Do you want to boost your sales? Do you want to enhance the pictures of your handicrafts?

Having quality pictures is a must when you are trying to sell your work online.

The undeniable appreciation of people to handmade and personalized products has produced numerous blogs, forums, events, websites, and digital tools related to crafting. With so much competition out there, the best way to catch a customer’s attention is with a captivating photograph of your stunning craft.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best images of your products by Gavin Hoey.


In the video, you will learn that you don’t need to invest in the most expensive camera, but if you are serious about selling your crafts online consider a good light source and investing a tripod. Few of us have a steady hand when it comes to holding a camera perfectly still as we click for a photo, a tripod will give you the stability you need to get good photos.

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