5 Steps To Making A Professional Looking Online Craft Store

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“I want a website that looks professional for my craft business. But, what is a professional-looking website? What are the requirements? Does functionality matter at all?”

professional-looking-websiteWe can help you answer those questions!

Here are some tips for you to build a professional-looking craft business’ website:

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is important because web users are impatient, and they’re not going to stay long on your site if they can’t find their way around. It will often take up much less space than other elements; it should stand out enough so it doesn’t get lost amongst a sea of content. For example, the most common location of a button bar is across the top of the page as users should not have to scroll down to navigate further into your site.


Good design strategy involves a color scheme. The color scheme will depend on the particular nature of your website. For example, both banks and crafters can have professional-looking websites. But people might be less inclined to buy crafts from a website that is corporate blue and ocean gray.

Usability professionals have consistently warned us about the danger of making poor colour choices, for largely practical – as opposed to strictly aesthetic or psychological – reasons. Certain colour combinations are a non-starter. Poor colour choices can induce eye strain and headaches, forcing users to leave your site.

Check this article to help you build a professional-looking website with colors.


Learning how to take great photos for your online craft store can be all the difference you need for success. These tips for taking photos and using Photoshop for your online craft store are a perfect guide for you to take the snap shots. If you cannot afford professional photos for your online craft store do not worry. You can easily create professional looking photos and learn how to take them with a digital camera or smart phone.


While fonts may not seem as important a design element as color and graphics, thoughtful consideration should go into your selections. The fonts will convey important information about your business, handicrafts and services. They will help visitors navigate your site and interact with you.


Most important, the right fonts will contribute to your site’s overall mood and visitor experience. If it’s positive and easy on the eye, you know you’ve made the right choices.

Check this article to help you in choosing web fonts for your craft business’ website.

Good Content

Writing for about your craft has its own style. Learning to use it in accordance to the needs of your customers can make your Web page much more interesting and effective. The headlines, descriptions, images, etc. are all working to sell to your website visitors. It makes sense to start focusing on the content as the driver of the sales on your website.

Check this guide on how to create killer content for your craft blog.

That’s it for now.

If you have an existing website or blog, are you confident your website’s elements will drive the next sale? If not, subscribe to this blog and get free tips specially tailored for crafters.

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