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Twitter is a part of social media marketing and is a powerful tool to help your business succeed. It connects you as a craft business owner to your customers, latest news, and anything that’s most important to your business. This also allows you to send out messages (tweets) up to 140 characters long about product launch, promotional deals, or personal thoughts to people who subscribe to you (followers).

8-twitterI know that you are now excited to get started with Twitter. To start with, let me help you setup your craft business Twitter account.

Twitter Account Setup

  1. Login to Twitter and sign up. When you get to twitter, you’ll see this page. Complete your details on “New to Twitter? Sign Up” form and click Sign up for Twitter.
  2. Brand Management. Think about a username for your account. I’d recommend that you use your craft business’ name minus the dot com/net/etc. For example, ( and don’t forget to add your business’ description, contact details, and your craft store’s web address.
  3. Connect. What’s great about Twitter after sign up is that it goes through all your email addresses to see who is already registered with a Twitter account. From there, you can easily pick or send invites to all on your following.

Also, don’t forget to display your Twitter username on your website, calling card, newsletter, etsy shop, etc. to increase your number of followers.

How Twitter Helps Your Online Craft Business?

Connect With Your Customers

The main use of Twitter for crafters is to help you connect with your customers. This is also a good social media marketing tool to hear what your customers want, get feedback on your craft products and even tweets on how they liked your products. Listening to them will help you improve your business. Also, the use of hashtags will help your target audience find you in twitter.

Craft Business Announcement

Twitter can also be used in announcing your new created craft product line and your business promotion deals and offers that will help your craft business with an extra boost without spending much.

You can even tweet. “Retweet and I will randomly pick a winner of this gorgeous beaded necklace in an hour. Game starts now!”

That tweet will be displayed on your followers’ newsfeed that may get the attention of their followers. This will give maximum exposure to your brand and build your followings.

Know Your Competition

Typing your competition’s store name or username on Twitter search will help you see what your competitions’ customers are talking about, their recent product releases, and what unsatisfied customers are saying about them.

You will also learn how they are promoting their products, how they respond to tweets, and other marketing strategies. Having that information will help you formulate your own strategy to improve.

Happy Tweeting!

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