All You Need For A Stand Out Craft Booth – Tutorials And Tips!

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Selling at craft fairs can be a blast! Why add to the cost of setting up your booth when you can just make your booth better by being craftier?

All You Need For A Stand Out Craft Booth – Tutorials And Tips!Skip the fancy tables and pre-made displays.

This ultimate craft show guide is the perfect solution for your booth without breaking the bank. Plus, many of these displays are pieces of art on their own which will make your booth look even craftier.

Say goodbye to boring booths and hello to cheap and cute DIY booths!

1. Craft Fair Display Ideas

  1. Cool DIY Jewelry Display Examples
  2. Great Collection Of DIY Craft Show Display Tutorials
  3. Craft Show Display Ideas – Cool Examples And Tips!
  4. Top 5 Craft Show Display Trends For 2016
  5. The Newest Batch Of Craft Show Display Ideas Is Here!
  6. How To Set Up The Best Craft Show Display

Also, if you need an easy to follow checklist to get started with show events, download our free Craft Show Checklist here.

2. Craft Show Table Cover

  1. Craft Show Table Covers – Samples And Ideas
  2. Craft Show Table Inspirations
  3. DIY Ombre Tablecloth
  4. Bandana Quilt Tablecloth

3. Signages

  1. Price Sign Display Ideas For Craft Shows
  2. Craft Show Banner Design Ideas
  3. Beaded Chalk and Bulletin Board
  4. Personalized Chalkboard Sign
  5. Upcycled Chalkboard Plaque
  6. Denim Back to School Chalkboard

4. Business Cards

  1. Cool Business Card Examples For Craft Business
  2. 6 Design Tips For The Perfect Craft Business Card
  3. Business Cards – A Creative Marketing Idea

5. Business Card Holders

  1. DIY Business Card Holder Ideas For Craft Shows
  2. Business Card Portfolio
  3. Fuzzy Felt Wallet Card Holder

6. Others

  1. Craft Show Giveaway Ideas
  2. Tag And Label Ideas For Your Handmade Products
  3. Handmade Packaging Ideas For Your Products
  4. 9 Cheap  Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

Reading all of these will give you a fresh perspective on how to make your craft show booth a stand out.

So what is your favourite among the examples? How do you display your items at a craft fair? Let us know in the comment box below.

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