The Time Your Brain Is Most Creative. This Will Surprise You.

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There of course is the issue of losing that spark you once had and trying to find ways to get it back. But didn’t you know that losing that spark and being bored is actually part of the process of being an artist?

The Time Your Brain Is Most Creative. This Will Surprise You.It may not make sense to most that you should be doing your best creative work when tired, but research shows that this is when your mind is most able to “think outside the box.”

In a new study, scientists first asked 428 undergrads at Albion College whether they were more productive and alert in the morning or evening. Then, the participants were given a series of problem-solving tasks to accomplish during their optimal and least optimal time of day. What the researchers found was that the most creative ideas and greatest problem-solving performance came during non-optimal times of day, meaning morning larks had better ideas at night and night owls performed better in the morning when they were unfocused.

When your brain is tired, you take in distractions that you would normally ignore because your mind is too drowsy and disorganized to fight the invasion. Your tired brain struggles to focus on one thing at a time, so you wander, gather loads of irrelevant information, and connect those random pieces together, which can result in offbeat solutions or innovative products and ideas.

But that is what you need. You need to be alone with your thoughts. You need to let your mind stall. You need to stare into the abyss of utter tedium. Because that is when your brain turns on its defense mechanism, the thing that you began to notice when you were a kid.

While boredom forces your brain to search for information and better ways of thinking about things, being tired relaxes your mind and opens it up for interpretation of all information. In both of these states, what ends up happening is that your mind becomes a blank canvas for new ideas and solutions to come together.

You remember, when you were at a wedding, or curtain shopping with your mom, or wading through the interminable minutes after a test when you couldn’t talk or do anything but sit and wait in the silence. That is when you started to come up with ideas, piecing together little fantasies, thinking of ways you could escape.

But if you want to be productive rather than just waiting for ideas to come in when you’re bored, you might want to try these things:

  1. Try out DIY craft show displays.
  2. Check Instagram to gather fresh craft booth ideas.
  3. Beads power! Women probably are the most prone to feel boredom too easily. But ladies, don’t fret, for you can absolutely do a lot of stuffs from inside your closets to give yourself a diversion. Take out all your old beaded bracelets and redesign it to gain more stylish power.
  4. Stuff all the memories inside. This boredom killer has to do well with moms at home. If your daily household routine is bringing you down, sparkle up by gathering together all memorable photos and make them into a very creative photo scrapbook.
  5. All you need is a perfect getaway. If it’s extremely a boring day that you have, therefore, you need an awesome weekend getaway to a beach. Apart from the cold sea breeze and fresh air, you can also turn away from boredom by creating sandcastles of your own version.
  6. Make your own fashion statement. Designing clothes need not require a certified stylist. You can do it yourself every time you think about what to do when bored. Don’t call for a tailor to reinvent your dump old shirts and clothes, you can do it yourself. Imagination and self expression is the limit.

Based on the studies discussed above, the next time those drowsy thoughts start to sink in and you feel like you’re not making any sense, grab a pen and some paper and jot down whatever comes to mind. Your next idea just might blow your mind.

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