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You know how these things go. You get so caught up with making your products as sweet as you can to fill your craft booth display table  and the most basic business branding strategy gets disregarded.

Craft-Show-Banner-Design-IdeasIf you are selling at a craft show, you want people to remember your stall but also your craft business’ name – and a banner can help you with that.

Banners are not only relevant to Etsy but it’s also important to your craft show booth. Also, a customer might be coming especially to visit your craft booth, and a banner makes you so much easier to spot.

Banner Tips

  1. If you’re planning to have a printed banner, make sure your banners are printed at resolutions higher than 1200dpi, this will ensure your graphics are printed at the best quality.
  2. If you’re going to attach it to the front of the table, get the banner sized so the whole banner is visible – a 4-inch table, a 4-inch banner. That way, even if you hang it on the wall over your display, it’ll still be sure to fit in the space.
  3. Other than that, if you’ve got a 10-inch space (art fairs typically use 10-inch spaces because the canopies are 10 inches), you can get a banner that goes all the way across the 10 inch.
  4. Also, 10″ x 48″ is a good size if your whole name will fit with large enough letters.
  5. It doesn’t have to be complicated – take advantage of your skill.

Rather than having a huge professionally printed banner, which can look a bit corporate, why not show off your talent as a maker by crafting your own signage?

If you’re still looking for inspiration check out these examples below:

jean pocket

Jean pocket garland tutorial by Yesterday on Tuesday


Banner idea by A Sort Of Fairy Tale


Jenny Germann name sign for her craft show booth


Signage for your craft booth by Poppy Talk


Signage design by Carolyn McCormack

betty turbo

Simple banner by Agnesbartonsabo on Flickr


Banner design by Maiedae


Banner design by Lynn Minney Design


Framed banner idea by Mag Pie Gemstones


Chalkboard banner idea by Gerren Lamson

colorful banner

Bold and bright handmade banner by Dougherty Photodesigns


Craft show banner by Kitty Baby Love

That’s it. I hope these tips help you out and inspire you. If you have any ideas that you recommend I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment!

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  1. Where your article uses inches, you should be using feet. Sorry, just sayin’. You probably use metric where you live.

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