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Do you ever have that nightmare where you’re at a big, crowded craft show event, and everyone is ignoring you? And at first you think it’s because people are not interested on your products, but then you realize it’s because your table display is toodull.

Here are some tips to help you set up the best craft display table:


Branding for your handmade business is important if you want to get returning customers. If someone buys from you, you want to be sure they go away with something that tells them who you are and how to buy from you again. Providing excellent customer service and nice business cards can help you with that.


It’s important your visitors understand your offer, help them by displaying important details using signage. Attract customers by using creative and catchy signs. Also, be careful in displaying your website on your stand, visitors may feel they don’t need to spend their cash at the show as they can do it online anytime. Tell them about your online shop once they have purchased through your giveaways and business card.

There are two ways to display the prices of your products, price at a glance or by the visitor handling the product to find the price. A mixture is probably the best route. Always price in round figures as it makes transactions easier and it values your piece as an art work. Handwrite your prices (It emphasizes the handmade) and write them unapologetically big.

Displaying The Products

The way you display your handmade products tells your potential customers whether they can touch your work.

dont touch

This one says don’t touch


This one says pick me up

Display Materials

This has to be one of the most important factors in achieving the best craft show display table. It doesn’t need to be expensive: be creative. There are many cool DIY craft show display examples you can find online.

In addition, don’t forget to find neat table covers and craft show table inspirations to seal the deal.

Display Rules

  • Give your display height, but make sure you can serve through your display
  • Most shows are under lit so consider taking extra lighting
  • If possible block out the sides and back of your stall otherwise people look straight through to your rivals and goes there.
  • Try to take a small table of your own to act as a secure location for your cash/phone/ iPad and as a packing surface.
  • Table coverings need go all the way to the ground so you can hide your stuff.
  • Make sure your work and not your display is the star

Craft Show Checklist

Craft show checklists reduce stress. A list can help you put together a comprehensive list of what you are taking, but be more specific.

To make things easier for you, you can also download our free and printable craft show checklist here.

I hope you found this list of tips useful. If you have other tips to share, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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