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Are you tired of using a conventional table to display your craft show items? Your customers might feel the same way too.

Don’t think all you need to do is set up a couple of tables, put your craft item on top, and then sit back and wait for sales to roll in. A craft show is an event for creative minds… so let it show on your table. Think about setting up a table that makes people look and keeps them browsing.Believe me; your table can literally make the difference between excellent and abysmal sales.

Here are few examples of tables from some of the best craft shows around the world:



Learn how to make portable tables for craft shows from Mama Made Them



Collapsible Workbench with instructions from Instructables. All the leg pieces fit in the top for easy of storage/ transport. Would make a great (if small) travelling craft show table.



Pull down craft table tutorial from DIY Home Design via Jennifer Hatheway



Craft show tables from Wooden Doors by Kathleen Barnes

Alisa Davis


By Alisa Davis
The wood table is great for craft show display. Recycle, upcycle, repurpose, diy, salvage!



From Squidoo
Market Stall craft show fair booth design with furniture instead of craft tables.



Craft show table idea from Designs On Jewelry

round table


Round craft show table display by Gilliauna, via Flickr



Craft show display stand by Wudls for ornaments-tie through the holes to avoid handling. The extras will be pre-wrapped below table.

Craft Show Table Tips

  1. Look around at your neighbors and see what gets your attention and what doesn’t. Something that turns you off will likely turn off others as well.
  2. Another seemingly obvious trick is to make your booth as eye-catching as you can within the bounds of good taste.
  3. Keep your tables full. It’s a strange element of show psychology, but customers will glance at your nearly vacant display, and walk on. It doesn’t matter how many pieces you still have on display. Half-empty tables equal “no selection” in the eyes of a potential customer.
  4. Restock immediately. If you sell one piece, replace it with another piece. If you run out of replacement stock, then either reduce the number of your tables, or have something on hand to act as a “filler” for empty displays (giveway jars, business cards, etc.; anything is better than nothing).
  5. After every show, check what you could do better on your table and then make the necessary changes before the next show. Don’t forget to check cool craft show table covers to boost your display.
  6. Learn from mistakes. Seek advice from successful vendors. Ask for feedback from your group or Etsy team.

With time, you’ll become the sort of successful vendor from whom other craftspeople will seek advice.

If you have tips on craft show tables, please let us know through the comment box below.

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