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Most of us make the mistake of thinking printed business cards are just a vehicle for exchanging contact information. But we already have social media and smart phones for that, right? To get real value from a business card consider its true potential.

business cardBusiness cards pack a powerful punch simply because they’re inexpensive and easy to get in front of people. You are also a creative artist and you can easily design a perfect business card.

A business card can be an asset in your everyday marketing. Your business card is the one thing you should never leave home without. You might meet a potential customer unexpectedly while walking the dog or meeting customers while displaying your goods on a local craft show or sometimes you get a chance to introduce yourself and what you do, quite often all you have is that piece of paper to leave behind.

Leave a mark on people and make it interesting to let them see your creative mind.

Business Logo

Create a logo before you create your business cards. This will not only help you in your marketing efforts but will also help you get started with your business branding. Here are some tips to make a great handmade business logo.

Business Card Content

Aside from putting your name and contact number, make sure your business card tells people what you do. What perks and special services do you provide? The design is completely up to you but it pays to have a header or a tagline that summarizes your products. Make it unique!

“100% handmade socks for babies”, “Fresh ingredients, Free delivery” etc.

If you can’t think of a captivating tagline, you could include a revealing or humorous quote. Use something that piques interest about you and your offering, reflects your sensibilities and tells the recipient you care about your work.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

Call To Action

Don’t forget to put a tagline that gives people a reason to call or visit, such as:

“Like us on Facebook and get this product for free”

“Visit for big discounts”

Design And Quality

Your design reflects what you are and what you do so treat yourself and your creative business with respect and get professional quality business cards. Don’t let your customers question whether they can trust you with their business if it seems like you can’t afford to print or create nice business cards.

Make sure that you don’t use flimsy paper, off-the-shelf designs and always check for spelling errors.

Creating a business card design that stands out will make you impressionable so take a bit of time and get input from your family and friends to see what they think as well.

Business Card Marketing

Think of your business cards as tiny billboards with the potential to attract just the right people at just the right time.

Don’t be afraid to post them on public bulletin boards, stick them in doors or leave them in bowls for free draws where your target audience might see them. Ask affiliated businesses to allow you to display your cards, such as craft stores, craft supplies shops, church, etc.

Don’t thrust them on people uninvited or hand out more than one unless they offer to hand them out for you.

Remember once they are released these cards go out into the world and act as mini advertisements for you wherever they go and you just never know where that might be so create them, carry them, and give them out.  It might just make the difference between success and failure.

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