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I know how hard it is to get any views from just listing your items on Etsy. But how many average views a day is good? How do your shop views stand in comparison to the average views Etsy craft sellers get?

etsy viewsHere is some information about the average views Etsy sellers get:

  1. Eve Geisler from EvesLittleEarthlings – I usually get around 100-150 which is fine for my shop.
  2. Steph from OneStitchDesigns – I can go anywhere from 120 to 650 in a day, about impossible to average.
  3. Veronica and Andy Fritsch from AVAArtsSupplies – About 120, but we are over 200 today.
  4. Brian Inman from TrendyCoasters – 450-500 views a day this month.
  5. Angela Curtis from AandBDesignStudio – 800 – 1200 average per day

Some people say don’t fret over low views. Divine from DivineCartomancy said, “I had over 600 views the other night and no sales, and now I am averaging about 200 views a day and 3 sales a day.”

The number of sales that you receive from the views is certainly more important than the number of views. But are you going to neglect the importance of views? No! The principle is, the more views you get, the more potential buyers you’ll have.

So how can you get more views to your Etsy shop?

Clean Up Your Tags

  1. Get to know the right keywords for your business.
  2. Make two “similar” listings (change up the tags a bit) and keep the name at least one word off as Google doesn’t like duplicates and see which sells first and sells again… Use different photos of the same item as well.
  3. Be realistic about the outcomes of your testing. (When asked how long they tried something most Etsy sellers were usually so short term it didn’t give Google a month or so to kick in so the experiment was wasted). If we don’t recreate by exactly the same conditions at the same exact time then it’s not apples to apples. September isn’t October so it’ll never be the same!
  4. Think outside the box. Have a crazy theory? Try it! You could very well stumble onto something great!
  5. Keep a list of tags and the date you launch the changes so it’s easier to change instead of looking at each listing as well as to see how it affects your sales during that period.
  6. At a dead end for different or new tags? is a great source as you compare one vs. another and below the results there is a Tag Summary Cloud and Materials Summary Cloud with tons of suggestions! Ones in bold are main ones being used (the bigger the tag is the more it’s used on etsy). Very helpful to make sure you’re on the right track. Be sure to pick one of the small unhighlighted ideas too as those searches won’t be as competitive and your item could show at the top!


Getting new potential buyers to view your work is only part of the equation… reaching out to others and building relationships with your customers is the other part!

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That’s it. So, what are your average views per day? What seems to positively affect your views, hearts and sales? Let us know through the comment box below.

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