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Instagram is not new to us… we use it to post our selfies, life events, and even our products. But, have you ever thought of considering it as a priority in your online marketing strategies? If not, think again!

IWhat makes Instagram different from other social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter is it’s almost entirely photo-based platform that works really well as a marketing partner for any handmade business owner because photos are their main assetfor product promotion.

RequiredFlare  is an accessory boutique featuring funky, fun and on-trend styles at the best possible prices. It has more than 14,000 Instagram followers. Owner Sai De Silva has significantly increased her website traffic and sales by using Instagram to showcase the many ways to wear RequiredFlare jewelry.

De Silva posts funky images of herself sporting layered bracelets, bold rings and the like. The RequiredFlareInstagram has become a trend authority for accessories and whenever she posts an image featuring RequiredFlare jewelry, the pieces sell out within days.

“Instagram has made marketing easier by allowing us to create a relationship with current and future customers. As a new small business entering this over-saturated fashion market, it’s imperative to stand out. With Instagram, I can target my exact market, offer giveaways and special deals, and respond to every question asked through a more personal approach. Consumers tend to shop with retailers that offer a sense of trust and comfort, and because of Instagram, RequiredFlare is able to interact with our consumers in an unconventional way,” De Silva said to Business News Daily.

Here’show Instagram works for these handmade artists:


You see the huge amount of followers they have? Well, you get the idea. Instagram has emerged as an effective marketing tool because handmade business can quickly build brand recognition and consumer loyalty through an ongoing stream of photos that help personalize their brand.

So, what do you need to know on how to be a superstar on Instagram?

Set Up

A username is important to make people easily find you on Instagram’s search bar. You should also match your Instagram bio with your Etsy Shop’s. Also, add the link to your Shop in your Instagram profile. This is the only place where you can put a clickable link within Instagram, so you should take advantage of it as well.


Don’t be too salesy! Instead, bring your followers closer to you and increase their trust in you as a seller.

Do it by:

  1. Showing how you create your products
  2. Showing your techniques and tips
  3. Showing your work environment
  4. Showing your face and personality


Help your target customers find you by using keywords that are applicable to your products. For Instagram and hashtags the simple the better. So some advice on hashtags, use #etsy #handmade and hashtags that are product specific #lacedshorts #scentedcandles #organicsoaps.

Checked our A-Z Handmade Business Guide for more free tips for your creative business.

Do any of you use Instagram for your shop? Does it help with sales? Please share it with us below.

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