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As a handmade business owner, you’ve likely heard a lot about using Pinterest for your craft business or you even already have an account. But maybe the thought of using yet another social network seems daunting and time consuming.

PWell, I think it would not be a burden if you’ll see its potential to drive sales to your online craft store.

Why use Pinterest? The reason is because a lot of shoppers use Pinterest. This means that if you are on Pinterest with them, it gives you a chance to engage with your target customers and drive traffic back to your website.

How? You have awesome photographs of you crafts. If not, you can always follow our guide to make great photos online. Pin the photos of your creations(set it inside your home or worn by someone depending on your product) and this will help your target customers imagine how good your creations will look on them or at their homes.

If they like it, they’ll pin it to their wish-list board on Pinterest. Then their followers will have the opportunity to view that image and the choice to add it to their Pinterest collection.This should hopefully lead to some traffic back to your product page.

Use High Quality Images

Pinterest users want to be inspired, which is something low quality images won’t likely do. Images that are at least 600 pixels wide look best and only images that are at least 100×200 or 200×100 are pinnable.

Show What Inspires You

I understand that you may have created your Pinterest account for business purposes but if you want your board to stand out, show what inspires you by creating boards for the ideas, places, people, and moods behind your brand. DIYs and “how to’s” with great images will work best for you.

“The very best boards are inspiring, with beautiful images that draw people in” states Pinterest.

Pinterest Widget For Your Product Pages

Add a ‘Pin It’ button to the product pages of your website to provide an easy way for people to share your content on their boards. To do so, follow these steps to add the ‘Pin It’ button.

  1. Go to the Widget Builder page. Five types of buttons or widgets are available: Pin it buttons, Follow buttons, Pin Widgets, Profile Widgets, and Board Widgets.
  2. Click on the option you wish to embed. Depending on the one chosen, you may be required to include additional information such as the URL where the button or widget will appear and an image to associate with it.
  3. Click “Build It!” to create the widget code.
  4. Copy the HTML and JavaScript code to include on your website.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has built in analytics to show you which of your pins are most popular with users along with the ones that drive the most traffic to your site. You can also see what boards your content appears on, how the pins are described and what people pin along with yours — insights that can help you make decisions about marketing, product development, and your pinning strategy.

Pinterest is truly a great marketing partner for handmade business owners as it matches the need of your niche.

Always remember, Pinterest shouldn’t be used as a product catalogue. It shouldn’t be all about you, either. Pin images that appeals, inspires, and educate.

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