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We have already covered tips on how to do email marketing for your craft business but I received this email yesterday and I thought it was a doozy to show what you really should NOT do!

How NOT To Do Email Marketing For Your Craft BusinessSo background story to this is I had purchased some scent logs from these guys at a market probably 3-4 years ago.

They were really cool, had great scents and lasted for ages so my wife and I bought a few and then when we needed some more we purchased a few from their website.

So now they have my email address.

Now I haven’t bought anything from them in at least two years now but yesterday I get this.


Now does that look like total spammy email or what?

The only reason I didn’t delete it immediately is because I thought it was a great opportunity to show you guys how you can do so much better.

First off here’s what they have done wrong:

  1.  Poor email subject: It doesn’t really tell me anything that makes me want to open this. If they have a new line of scent logs or a special offer that would be way more incentive for me to open.
  2. Absolutely no content in the body of the email: Seriously…!!!! You cannot imagine that I am so intrigued by this vague email that I want to just open the pdf you attached to see what awesome stuff you are sending me. C’mon!!
  3. Sending a pdf attachment: This is just a no, no, no, no to do this for important information. People are busy, we get lots of emails, we have Facebook to check, Twitter to read and funny videos to watch on Youtube. Opening up your pdf to see what you got to say. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you are going to use email marketing in your business, and I hope to goodness you are then make sure you do the following:

  1. Use a proper email marketing service: I use Aweber but you can choose from several others if you wish such as Get Response, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact etc etc.
  2. Use a compelling subject line: If they don’t open your email they don’t know what awesome stuff you have for them.
  3. Put your content in the email: Do not use pdf’s, seriously…!!!! I know with Craft Maker Pro you can make cool looking catalogs and stuff but do not make that the whole point of your email.

If you want to send people a copy of your new catalog then that’s cool, but don’t make that your whole email.

If you use one of the email services we recommend they have funky templates that you can use to show of your craftwork so people can see it straight away. If you use Aweber and you are selling on Etsy then you can use their Etsy email integration service as well.

Make your main content part of the actual email and attach the pdf catalog as “an extra” if required.

So there you have it.

Your competition are sending emails like these and now you won’t (will you..??) so who do you think will get more orders in the future?

Use email marketing correctly for your craft business and it’s so powerful you can send out an email and have orders literally come back within minutes and change your whole way of working.

Happy emailing!

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