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Some crafts are wearable and most customers like to see what the item looks like on a real person.Also,most successful accessory and clothing shops on Etsy model their items on real people.

modelsNow, if you are a crafter who makes wearable things, like jewelry, sewing items like dresses or aprons, any kind of accessories, hats, what have you, it’s always a good idea to think about showing the craft on an actual person.

So what do you need to pull off a successful photo-shoot of your products using a model?


The good news is that you don’t need a really high-end model. As for the models, you can ask your family and friends to pose for your handcrafts. They love you & support you so they will generally agree to be in any photos you need.

You can also arrange a deal with a pretty neighbor who you think would be perfect for your products. Plus your nieces & nephews work cheap ?… their parents may be happy to just have a copy of the pictures as a trade. So it’s really a win-win situation for all.


If you want others do the job for you, ask your friends if they know a professional photographer they can suggest.
Most likely, that photographer can also recommend a good model for your craft products. If you’re on a budget, no worries… you can do it on your own.

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Idea Or Concept

You are in the creative field and there are many ideas that run through your creative mind. Write them down! If you do not write them down within 15-30 seconds (I know that it will take longer to write the whole thing down), it will all be forgotten. After all, what harm can it do to write something down, even if you never look back at it again. By luck or by your ever persistent nature what you wrote down might flourish into something beautiful for your next photoshoot.

Equipment And Location

Make a checklist of the equipments you’ll need such as cameras, backdrop cloths, holders and a lightbox for an indoor photo shoot. If you’re on a budget, you can simply use the sunlight as the main light source and sometimes add reflectors. No matter where you shoot, always make sure to research the area you are intending to use as a backdrop for your photos. Many of the locations around you might require a permit to use their premises. Make calls and research.


It is solely up to you to determine what has to be achieved in addition to the already balanced picture from the camera. Considering, you are about to process a picture, there are two basic options to pin down. Getting the photograph to look close to reality or dramatizing the photograph and making it look surreal.

In craft photography, you will more likely choose to make it look as close to your product. The best tool to help you in post-processing is Adobe Photoshop but if you want a free one, my favorite is Picmonkey.

Don’t forget to enjoy it. Shoots are always a lot of fun and you get to make some great new pictures and hopefully sales too!

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