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One of the questions that most craft sellers ask is, “How do I sell my products on Facebook?”

FMaybe at this moment you’re wondering why your page is not getting enough likes, people are not engaging well on your page or Facebook fans are not converting to customers.

You might ask “Am I missing something?” – Probably yes!

If you produce and share fantastic useful content, your community will be more likely to become customers, remain customers, and send you more customers.

Even though I’ve written tips on How To Get People To Like Your Facebook Page, there’s always more to learn on how to get your customers hooked with your business after they clicked the ‘like’ button.

Read the following tips to learn how to create a Facebook marketing plan so you can start creating content your community freely and gladly bookmarks, shares and buy.


Tip 65Keep reading Craft Maker Pro A-Z Handmade Business Guide  for more free tips and tricks.

So, figure out how your Facebook Page can best serve your audience, and then knock ‘em out with amazingly valuable stuff.

If I’ve overlooked one of your favorite facebook marketing strategies, please share it with us below, as well as why you feel it should be included.

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