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If you are running a handmade business an online presence is a must.

online-marketingIt may seem like a huge market to hit but it can be done with the help of social media marketing.

These marketing tools are often used to establish a connection to people that can turn traffic into income allowing you to leverage the highest trafficked sites on the web to go to your own website.

Social Media has a list of categories; this can be from blogs, to online videos, to social networks. In a virtual world where it’s been drowned by information, you can choose any from the list and apply it to your craft business’s preference. The internet has become a staple in every business owner’s strategic planning including how CEO’s of big corporations make use of the gigantic social media for its resources.

So, what are these social media marketing tools?

I am going to list a few of the sites that are already making massive contribution in the market. And it starts with:


Professional marketing strategists know this and they use this media to post Press releases, update people with current trends, and with the company’s profile. So why not use this opportunity to interact with your customers, an opportunity to know and understand their needs, and to build a relationship of with them.

It is also a great place to show your handicrafts and services, therefore, leading it to monetary conversion. As a business owner, our goal and focus is to get their attention, maintain it, and keep them for many returns.

Social Networks

There are a multitude of Social Networking sites available for application. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are popular at the moment with millions of supporters.


In an article I wrote about using Twitter to market your business, it has surpassed everyone’s expectations with the use of Twitter to get hold of people’s attention. Even celebrities are using it; it is creating a buzz all over the world with over half of the users, which is close to 70 million logging in everyday. So that’s great web traffic for you.


If you have watched David Fincher’s film (The Social Network), it’s no surprise that Facebook is really a BIG thing! I mean 1.11 billion users? That’s quite a feat. Facebook has conquered the social media world; it has been considered a cultural breakthrough in the last decade. It has become a household name, this means that the influence has gone far and beyond.

This means that having a Facebook page can optimize your online presence and ultimately your handmade business. With choices for video and photo uploads, you can make a presentation of your company to make it accessible for people to take a preview of what’s in store for them.

Online Videos

These include YouTube, Flickr, and Photobucket among others. It is basically making a video and broadcasting it for the world to appreciate your business. It takes a skill to do this, but the results can be important for your business to make an impression on your customers.

To get started, you might also be interested to check our free video marketing tutorials.

Always remember, your job is to keep customers interested and captivated to the things you have to say about your business and handicrafts.

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