6 Effective Video Optimization Tips For Craft Sellers

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Are you one of those craft sellers who use videos for branding and marketing?

video-optimizationYou’ve made a good choice because there’s no doubt about it — video is becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools  in handmade business promotion.

But wait,do you think making videos and syndicating them to your social media account is enough?

Wrong, wrong, and wrong! Your video marketing campaigns can be as robust as you’d like to make them. Youtube has become a great hub for people looking for more information. In fact, YouTube is owned by Google, so each video you publish on YouTube has the potential for high search visibility. So take advantage of it since it’s completely FREE!

It is fairly simple but there are 6 main elements that you need to look at:

  1. The Title: Just like creating your content, you need to have a good descriptive title that includes your keyword and encourages people to click through to watch your video. Learn how to get the right keywords by following our easy step-by-step guide on keyword research.
  2. Good Description: Just like making descriptions for your products, a good description of your video using related keywords will help your videos turn up in related searches for your target keyword.Use a variety of related keywords as well as your main keyword but try to keep fairly brief and to the point.
  3. Put Full Page URL In The Description: Videos won’t allow you to get anchor text links (generally) and certainly not from Youtube.  But put the full URL link in the description as this will get turned into a link and will at least provide the viewer a way to get to your online store for more information.You can encourage click throughs by the way you write your descriptions.Also,keeping the link in the first two lines makes sure it is always visible, and you can always put it in twice if you need to.
  4. Categorize Your Video: Make sure you choose the correct category for your video so it will show up with related videos.
  5. Tag Your Video: Make sure you have at least 6 – 12 tags for the video.Also as an advanced strategy, you can add in something as a tag that is only related to your videos that you will be uploading, such as your online store’s name, the brand name, or anything else that will be unique.This will help in related searches as it can help to bunch your videos together in related search videos being shown so there is more chance of keeping a viewer on the videos that you have created rather than going off to someone else’s video channel.
  6. Saving Your Video File Name: You should always save your video file name as the main keyword.  Make sure to use hyphen to separate multiple words.i.e. “soap making” would be “soap-making.mp4”. While YouTube do not use the file name in the url when you upload a video, some sites such as Animoto may use the file name within the url structure helping to give some extra SEO weight.

More Tips And Tricks:

  1. Video Creation Series 1 – Lighting
  2. Video Creation Series 2 – Audio Options
  3. Video Creation Series 3 – Camera Choices
  4. Video Creation Series 4 – Pushing The Read Button
  5. Video Creation Series 5 – Editing And Publishing

More and more people are watching videos in the internet nowadays. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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