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Bad audio can actually make people think that the images are bad as well!

When the sound is bad it takes your customers’ attention away from the picture. They might even stop watching it altogether, or at least turn the sound way down. Watching a video should be a “complete experience,” where the picture and audio combine to produce a meaningful and well balanced whole.

Also, I have mentioned in my video marketing article, a video stimulates more senses. Video is a great way to reach lots of potential customers and get your marketing message seen (and heard!).

Use this ‘hearing’ or ‘auditory’ sense to your advantage which can’t be found on photo or article marketing.

Get started with audio options by watching this video from Etsy.


Now that you have an idea about lighting and audio options, it’s to move on to the part 3 of our Video Creation Series: Camera Choices

See below for our complete list of Video Creation Series.

We hope in this article that we have given you a few basic ideas to get you thinking about improving the sound of your next video.

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