Video Creation Series 4 – Pushing The Red Button

Craft Maker Pro » Video Creation Series 4 – Pushing The Red Button

How-To videos and training videos are everywhere – from how to make your own candles to how to print a shirt and how to sell on Etsy.

With so many people looking for answers…  you can be the help that they need!

So you got your camera, lights and audio ready… now it’s time to push the red button and capture what you have to show.

Check this video from Etsy and learn how to make a professional-made-looking video:


Now that you know what to do after hitting the red button and record your ‘crafting’ moments… it’s time to do the touch up!

Here’s the last part of our 5 Video Series: Video Creation Series 5 – Editing And Publishing

See below for our complete list of Video Creation Series.

Happy Filming!

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