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A good video can make all the difference. – Brian May

Video marketing is important because it sells. That’s it…

However, there are important factors that should be followed to consider a video ‘marketable’ such as lighting, audio, camera options, video shooting, and now… editing and publishing.

After recording a series of videos, you need to edit and combine the videos into a single file.

Take a look at this video from Etsy about editing and publishing your video:


As mentioned on the video, one of the easy-to-use video editing tool and basically readily available in your Windows computer is the Windows Live Movie Maker. Check this video byScott McKeagan and see how to use this software.

You can also customize your own videos on YouTube. Please check this tutorial to find out how.


We pulled together five of our favorite video-learning resources to share with you here:

Have fun editing!

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