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The beauty of video lies in the ability of an artist to tell stories through a visual medium. Film lighting plays a key role in the storytelling process.

Creating short videos of your craft work is a great way to promote yourself online.

You can publish these to Youtube, your blog, your Facebook Page and your Twitter account and get valuable traffic as well as valuable referral traffic back to your website.

But in order to do that you want your videos to look good.

Video creation is photography at 30 frames per second, with sound. It’s very similar to photography. In fact, if you have checked our Craft Photography Series, you will already have some great skills you can transfer to making video.

Just as how good images entice your target audience, video marketing is also a good way to promote your craft business. But before you do that, let us help you create your video first by making your own powerful DIY video light:


As you can see, lighting can transform a flat dull image into a dynamic detailed scene.

Light your videos properly, or your craft business may just get left in the dark!

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