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Can you guess what social network other handmade sellers have the most followers on? It’s not Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter — it’s something called Wanelo.

What-Handmade-Sellers-Should-KnowCarolyn from Lionfishvintage said, “I signed up with Wanelo today about 3 hours ago and my views have tripled!!”

…and what does it mean? More shop views could take average number of sales to a higher level.

Wanelo (‘wah-nee-loh’, from Want, Need, Love) is a start-up online community based in San Francisco that has the same aesthetic as those sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Lookbook.nu. Users post, organize and collect products and follow people and stores they like. It is a relatively under-the-radar online shopping platform that handmade sellers have just started to take note of, owing to its growth from 1 million to 10 million users in the past year.

How does Wanelo works?

Waneloworks by clicking on an image that takes you directly to the place where it’s available for sale — not another blog, image site or Pinterest post. It allows people to share items, like articles of clothing, home furnishings, beauty accessories and makeup products, for their friends and followers to see. And they can browse others’ items, comment on them and share them with friends.

Wanelo doesn’t complete transactions on its site, but it has a built-in revenue model. It directs users to the e-commerce site where they can buy an item, and then gets an affiliate commission, or a portion of each sale.

Company Statistics

About 80% of Wanelo’s traffic comes from mobile devices, according to the company. Its app, launched in August 2012, was “game-changing,” and fueled that surge in users in the past year, Varshavskaya said. (That was also around the time Pinterest introduced apps for the iPad and Android, though it already had an iPhone app.)

Half of Wanelo’s users are college-age women and 90% of total users are women. The young age is reflected in the follower counts of some of the brands.

Wanelo vs. Pinterest

Using Wanelo to promote and market your items is even better than Pinterest. From the sound of it Wanelo and Pinterest are pretty much identical but the difference is that Wanelo is more to be intended for shopping/marketing… where Pinterest was originally intended more for collecting stuff you like (and it turned into shopping/marketing).

While Wanelo beats Pinterest in followers for Urban, Anthropologie, and Madewell, Pinterest has more for retailers like Nordstrom and Banana Republic.

How to link Etsy to Wanelo?

Create an account and contact their admin to have your items linked up to your Etsy shop, what they called “claim your shop”. You should post some items to Wanelo and claim your shop by sending admin an email. Fill out the brief form, and the Wanelo community team will verify and approve your store so you can manage it.

So what’s the benefit of having more Wanelo followers? If you’re an online seller, a large following helps you get your products in front of more people. As a blogger, it adds credibility to your portfolio and might be an opportunity to collaborate with some of your favorite brands.

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