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Do you think you are getting less than Etsy’s average shop views and sales? Are you looking for a new way to advertise your Etsy products to boost your online presence?

fish-indieIf you followed our huge list of free places you can advertise your handmade business you will gain shop traffic but you need an extra boost to widen your shop’s reach… and web advertising is a minefield!

I know what you’re thinking… it’s expensive!

Advertising with sites with good-high traffic can cost more than $50-$500 a month. With a somewhat limited budget, the small artisans of Etsy can find it incredibly hard to afford these prices and receive the return you need for your investment.

But I have a solution for that. Hear about Fish Indie?

Fish Indie was developed to get your Etsy product some awesome exposure. And they made it incredibly simple. This is your chance to be seen on all the blogs you love to read!

What Is Fish Indie?

Fish Indie is a brand new subscription-based ad network designed to spotlight your Etsy products, on your favorite blogs.

The network is composed of a select group of like-minded blog publishers and provides Etsy craftsmen with a chance to reach the right clients, and gives products their 15 minutes of fame.

“In the short time I have been using Fish Indie I have already noticed a jump in my shop views and sales. One of my prints actually sold out in less than two weeks… I don’t get lost in the sea of other sellers on Etsy, I stand out where I need to stand out.” – RhiannaWurman, Ello Lovey


  1. Paste in the URL of your Etsy item, choose its category, and click go.
  2. A banner is immediately generated that looks and acts like a digital classified — with your product’s title, price, image and category already filled in.
  3. Tada! Your ad appears on a network of leading and like-minded websites related to your product’s category.

Basically, you just need to choose the item you want to promote, insert the URL, and pick the category to which the item belongs. That’s all you have to do. Fish Indie takes care of the rest. They will choose blogs that are relevant to your product’s category, create the ad, and your ad will rotate throughout these sites.

How Much Does It Cost?

“For only $10 a month, Fish Indie brings into my Etsy shop high quality visitors who appreciate my work. After experimenting with many different advertising options, Fish Indie offered the best return on my tiny monthly advertising budget and I would recommend it to anyone who are just starting out.” – Michelle Chan

What Is Their Network?

Fish Indie partnered with some pretty cool people, who curate some of the finest blogs online. They inspire us with their words, impress us with their finds, spark our creativity with their projects, embolden us with their tips, and encourage us to read, draw, build, play, dress, craft, and so much more.

Check Fish Indie’s network partners here.

If you author a niche blog and are interested in partnering, you can also join Fish Indie, by contacting them.

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