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Do you want to meet your business goals? Do you want to know other business tips for your startup business?

101 Marketing Business Tips For StartupsWe have 101 business tips for you!

To start with, your first business goal should be creating a business plan on how you can make your business stable. A business plan will help you organize your activities, find your customers and see what marketing strategies work.

Another important element in business marketing is making sure you’re selling your products right in front of your target audience, and providing services that your competition is not giving.

There are a lot way to promote your startup business but here are the easiest and the most effective ways to market your business:

Business Marketing Planning

  1. Start or update a plan for your business.
  2. Perform or re-evaluate the results of your market research.
  3. Manage an experimental group.
  4. Distinguish your USP (unique selling proposition).
  5. Identify your target customers and market niche.
  6. Create more options for your customers.

    Promotion Materials

  7. Give business cards to people
  8. Create a professional-looking business card.
  9. Create a brochure that shows what your services are about
  10. Upload your manual or brochure online.
  11. Think about a website renovation, if needed.
  12. Think of freebies and giveaways when you join trade shows.

    Face-to-face Networking

  13. Create a press release
  14. Join business conferences
  15. Meet and keep in touch with co-sellers
  16. Start a training or webinar
  17. Study and register to your local chamber of commerce.
  18. Join craft shows 

    Mail Marketing

  19. Plan your move and test your campaign before launching
  20. Release a direct campaign via mail.
  21. Encourage people to take action on your mail
  22. Use promotional items like personalized post cards and envelopes.
  23. Provide free samples and other freebies.


  24. Promote your business on the radio.
  25. Try advertising on Yellow Pages.
  26. Show your business on a billboard.
  27. Promote your business in your car y using stickers.
  28. Promote your business via local newspaper.
  29. Show your business by appearing on a TV station.
  30. Use Facebook.
  31. Use LinkedIn.
  32. Check related websites’ ad spaces.
  33. Promote using a sign on street sidewalks.

    Social Media Marketing

  34. Create social media accounts.
  35. Use a Facebook page.
  36. Create a personal URL in Facebook for your business.
  37. Use Twitter.
  38. Be active on Twitter.
  39. Use Foursquare.
  40. Use Google Places to add your business location.
  41. Create a blog.
  42. Create a content
  43. Use Instagram
  44. Use Groupon.

    Online Marketing

  45. Use Google Adwords and learn a PPC campaign
  46. Use Microsoft adCenter and learn PPC campaign.
  47. Leave comments on other blogs
  48. Post a video on your blog.
  49. Use YouTube.
  50. Get listed on directory listings online.
  51. Create Google Analytics for your blog and website.
  52. Check you Google Analytics metrics.
  53. Use your professional business name when marketing products.
  54. Learn about SEO (search engine optimization).
  55. Check your online reviews.
  56. Get help from online experts when needed.

    Email Marketing

  57. Create an email campaign.
  58. Gather people’s emails  during trade shows or give e-books in exchange of their email.
  59. Don’t spam your contacts with unnecessary emails.
  60. Offer an email newsletter.
  61. Test the results of your email campaigns..
  62. Create your best online signature
  63. Add images, videos and social buttons in your emails.

    Giveaways and Contests

  64. Announce a contest giveaway.
  65. Give promotional coupons
  66. Reward your loyal customers
  67. Send a thank you email to your customers.
  68. Reward your best customer.
  69. Send free samples.
  70. Offer an affiliate program.

    Establishing Rapport With Customers

  71. Ask for feedbacks and testimonials.
  72. Encourage them to send you referrals.
  73. Send referrals to them when needed.
  74. Help charities and join events with a cause.
  75. Support scholars or sports team.
  76. Collaborate with other sellers
  77. Join a group or organization.
  78. Take advantage of holidays.
  79. Give gifts to your best customers during holiday.
  80. Greet your customers during their birthdays.
  81. Build a relationship with other sellers.
  82. Support your local trade shows.
  83. Help others and teach what you know.

    Content Marketing

  84. Conduct a free webinar.
  85. Use podcast.
  86. Write a press release.
  87. Submit your content to other blogs.
  88. Create your content as if you are talking to a friend.
  89. Publish a book.

    Professional Help

  90. Get help from a marketing expert.
  91. Find a virtual assistant.
  92. Find a writer for your blog and website.
  93. Work with an online seo company.
  94. Get help from friends and family.
  95. Hire someone to do the selling for you.

    Unique Marketing Ideas

  96. Have a great business logo.
  97. Try having a mascot during trade shows.
  98. Give your opinion to hot topics online.
  99. Spend money on effective marketing strategies.
  100. Study the color psychology and apply it to your business.
  101. Follow Craft Maker Pro’s blog to get more tips 😉

That’s it. You don’t have to use all of these tips. Get started and later on you will figure out what works best for your business.

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