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Whether you’re attending some craft fairs, or shipping your products to your customers, it’s always good to have a stash of business cards to establish a good relationship with your customers and encourage repeat orders.

The Ultimate Guide To DIY Business CardsHaving your business cards printed is very easy and looks professional, but it doesn’t look very fun especially if you’re in the handmade business industry!

Impress your customers and show off creativity alongside your contact info with this DIY business card guide that are sure to make people remember you:

If you want more, you can also learn to make DIY business card holders that goes very well with your business cards especially during craft shows.

diy business card

Business cards that are made by experts will always look more… well, professional! Even so, if you’re new in business with a very small budget, or even if you’ve run out of your usual cards and need an emergency backup, these are a great option.

To get started, check this video by GilbHub on how to save money and show your creativity in you business cards:

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Have you got any DIY tips for saving money for your DIY business cards? Have you tried making your own business cards? Leave me a comment and connect with us with our Facebook page.

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