30 Facebook Groups That Will Help You Increase Your Sales

Craft Maker Pro » 30 Facebook Groups That Will Help You Increase Your Sales

Do you need help increase your social media followers? Do you need tips and feedback from your fellow artists for the project you’re currently working on?

30 Facebook Groups That Will Help You Increase Your SalesIf you have not tried this yet, you better do now and see the difference it will make on your creativity, online presence and sales.

For a shop owner this is an important step towards success on the handmade industry. There are many groups online that you can to join to that are more related to your niche.

You only have to go to Facebook > type your niche (e.g glass making) on the search bar > click Groups on the tabs above, and then it will give you a numerous list of groups.

Make sure that you read the rules before joining as some of them need specific requirements in order to be approved.

Here are some basic groups to start with:

  1. It’s Better Handmade Group
  2. Handmade and Bespoke Gift Directory
  3. *** (Handmade Sharing) ***
  4. Handmade Craft Network UK
  5. Etsy..everything wonderful in life
  6. Etsy treasury, items and sharing
  7. HandMade Craft Seller & Buyer
  8. Jewelry for Sale
  9. Handmade Jewelry Makers
  10. Etsy and Artfire united
  11. Etsy deals and promos
  12. Etsy–Buy Handmade!
  13. Etsy Fashion
  14. Chit chat and craft
  15. Handmade ~ Homemade ~ Crafts
  16. Craft, craft and networking
  17. Addicted to Etsy
  18. Craft, chat, buy and sell
  19. Craft Living
  20. Craft Declutter Group
  21. Crafting in France Together
  22. The Craft Dome
  23. Deaf Amazing Crafts
  24. Craft Hoarders
  25. Handmade & Crafts for Sale UK
  26. Craft Connection
  27. Don’t just Pin It, CRAFT IT!!!
  28. Colour Therapy, Crafts & Crystals
  29. Controversial Crafts
  30. Cape Town Sugar Craft

So now that you’re approved by these Facebook groups, what’s next? Again, read the rules and follow them.

Some of these groups have “networking days” where you are allowed to post your Facebook page to get free likes, but in return, you may also have to “like” the other pages on the post thread as well. Sometimes they require a “like” back, sometimes they don’t.

The best part is, they allow you to post the projects you’re currently working on. From doing so, you will be able to get honest feedback and tips from your fellow artists. You can also get a lot of inspiration from the other works of members.

The benefits of joining groups include:

  1. Endless source of new tips and trick to get noticed and make sales
  2. Feel part of the arts and crafts community
  3. Share new listings and get visitors to your shop
  4. Request and received feedback and advice on your listings and shop setup
  5. Connect with other Etsians on your social media
  6. Share links to your other places online – such as pinterest, stumble and blog posts.
  7. Connect with Etsians in your local area
  8. Keep up to date with what’s going on within the Etsy community
  9. Market your Etsy shop and help promote other artists and crafters.

As you can see there are still a lot of Facebook groups you can join to that were not included in the list above.
Feel free to search more groups, join, and socialize. And then see the difference it will make on your handmade business. Good luck!

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