The Best Kept Secret On How To Steal SEO Traffic From You Competitors – Revealed!

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Do you want to outrank your competitors? Are you starting a blog for your handmade business but don’t know what content to write about?

The Best Kept Secret On How To Steal SEO Traffic From You Competitors – RevealedWhat I will show you in this post are tips on how you can take advantage of your competitors’ content and gain the links they possess.

In this video tutorial by Ahrefs, you will be able to see how you can use your competitors’ strength to build your content.

First, you’ll need to build the list of up to 50 competitors.

So how do you find them?

You can click each link to directly watch what you want to learn:

Go to 0:42 to know how to include your site into the Dashboard at Ahrefs.

0:50 will show you how to move to Ahrefs Site Explorer ( and gather the Top 10 Competitors list in SE – Overview tab. You may easily check each of them in SE, as well.

If you want a different strategy to gather your competitors’ info, use Google.

You can do this by looking at their domain authority compared to you.

You will see at 3:35 the easiest way to analyze your competitors’ information by using Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool ) and check their Domain Rating.

Pick up sites with Domain Rating within 5 of yours (if your rating is 50, for example, that would be sites with DR within 45-55).

5:30 shows you the importance of submitting the information to be analyzed on Ahrefs Positions Explorer tool . You will then find a result of the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

5:58 This part allows you to check the “Top Pages” report in PE. You will be able to find the domain pages that are receiving a lot of traffic and the number of keywords each of them ranks for.

You can use these keywords for analysis if it’s something related to your niche, or interesting to your audience.

This content marketing strategy will work if you build similar types of links to your blog content.

So how can you do that?

Visit the Site Explorer, add the piece of blog content that your competitor’s site has generated, study the links that directs to them and try to replicate those links.

By doing this strategy, you will be able to product a huge list of content ideas that matches the level of domain authority you are trying to rank for.

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