What Is Google Plus And Do I Need It?

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If you have a handmade business, you must have a website to show and market your products. As part of your marketing strategy, you might have social media marketing on your list to syndicate your product pages. However, you might think that you only need Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Actually there’s more!

In fact, another important social media to consider is Google Plus. Why?

Google Plus has become a determiner of the search results you get while searching Google. Since it is a product of Google, it’s obvious to get a priority in search results which means, when you plus blogs and websites then chances are when you conduct a query in Google search engine, Google will first poll links from those websites and blogs you already plus’ed. This is one strategy Google is using to establish Google Plus as a leading social media website.

Check this video to find out more about Google Plus:


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That’s it for now.

Hope that helps you in your social media strategy.

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