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Are you looking for a place to advertise your craft business? Pinterest might help you with that!

Promoted-Pins-–-New-Advertising-Opportunity-For-Handmade-SellersWait, what?…Pinterest?… Really?

Yes. You heard it right. Pinterest has been progressively increasing its users since launching in 2010.

That being said, handmade artists should take advantage of this site since its platform is beneficial to artists and online sellers. Right now, Pinterest is aspiring to join the social media advertising leader boards alongside those two social giants, Facebook and Twitter. It has a solid chance, too.

With such a large audience base (70 million users as of June 2014), advertising is an obvious place for Pinterest to seek out revenue. It introduces a social commerce feature called “Promoted Pins”.

What Is A Promoted Pin?

According to Pinterest , a Promoted Pin is a sponsored post on its website to endorse a company or product. The companies will pay Pinterest to endorse their pins and it will appear to some related pins.

Now, Pinterest marketing is taken to a whole new level. It is now taking the test into the next phase with a group of leading brands that will try promoted pins advertising for search and category feeds.

These brands include:

  1. ABC Family
  2. Banana Republic
  4. Gap
  5. General Mills
  6. Kraft
  7. lululemon athletic
  8. Nestle – Purina, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream, Nespresso
  9. Old Navy
  10. Target
  11. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  12. Ziploc

“These brands will help us test promoted pins to make sure they’re tasteful, transparent, relevant, and improved based on pinner feedback,” said Joanne Bradford (Pinterest head of partnerships). “Brands help people find inspiration and discover things they care about, whether it’s ideas for dinner, places to go, or gifts to buy. We hope promoted pins give businesses of all sizes a chance to connect with more pinners.”

Pinterest declares that the preliminary trial will remain exclusive to big companies, but it will be available to more brands later this year. Pinterest might also offer better ads, and it might be reaching users when they’re most likely to respond to an advertisement.

What Do Promoted Pins Look Like?

Check the image below on how the “Promoted Pins” will look:


Photo by Search Engine Watch

Looking at the picture above, it doesn’t look like there have been any changes to their site design since their first test run. But the platform did highlight the advertising placed on mobile devices.

“The Pinterest mission is to help people discover things,” Bradford (Head of Partnerships) explained. “Promoted pins help people discover, and help brands be discovered.”

Up until this point, this social commerce feature “promoted pins” is still under testing to make sure that it would “tasteful, transparent, relevant, and improved based on Pinner feedback,” the social platform promised.

As you can see, Pinterest’s slow transition of this testing, which also includes an opportunity for users to provide feedback, shows that they are sensitive to the users, and trying its best not to alienate them as it opens up new revenue streams.

If you’re interested in learning more about how they’re experimenting with Promoted Pins, they suggest that you sign up to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in promoted pins.

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