4 St. Patrick’s Day Craft Marketing Ideas

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Haven’t made anything special for St.Patrick’s Day? Don’t worry, there’s still time! From leprechauns and shamrocks to rainbows and gold… spice up your marketing efforts with some fun brought by St Patrick’s Day.

stpattysCelebrating St. Patrick ’s Day with your business is a great idea. You will be associating your handmade business, service or product with certain emotions from this holiday. Also, you create an easy-to-remember cutoff date for a sale. By associating the start or close of a great sale with St. Patrick’s Day, you can drive traffic to your storefront and website during that period.

Some other fun ideas for March in your marketing:


Pinterest is not just about pinning beautiful photos. It is alsoa greathub for interaction and purchase intent. Pinterest users spend more money, more often on more items than any other of the top 5 social platforms.This makes St. Patrick’s Day the perfect time to use Pinterest. Consumers are on the hunt for those shamrocks, green t-shirts, leprechaun shot glasses, etc. Be the retailer to provide them with what they’re looking for.

Try these tactics on Pinterest:

  1. Show your followers how to incorporate your products into daily life
  2. Make a board dedicated to Saint Patrick’s Day
  3. Don’t just pin your products, pin photos that pertain to your business
  4. Solve any problems or questions you think they may have with tips


Instagram is perfect for your online marketing strategies especially during holidays. It can be a useful platform to build your brand, help people find you, feature your craft products, and show great photos of your craft.

It’s important to focus on not only your products, but also on other content your followers will find interesting and that includes St. Patrick’s Day for this month. Making use of hashtags is important on Instagram. Your businesses images will be found by more people, and you can even invent your own. Tag your St. Patricks Day posts with #stpatricksday or #stpattysday to attract people interested the occasion.


Posting about holidays that Facebook users are already thinking about tend to go more viral than other posts. It’s all about timing! Change your Facebook profile or cover photos to St Patrick’s day clipart for the month of March. You may also want to list reasons why your customers should feel lucky this month and then share it to your Facebook. Don’t forget to add offers and discounts this holiday to boost your Facebook marketing strategies.


The content shared by successful businesses always include images that appeal to their target market. Add some fun leprechauns to your monthly newsletters and to your blog posts and websites. You can check iClipart for some cute images you can use for your month long celebration of St. Patrick’s day.

Create a month long theme of different fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day or from other Irish folklore. Add those fun facts to a set up emails to send out to your subscribers throughout the month of March.

Copywriting also plays an important role in your blog:

“Get This Promo And Avoid Getting In A PINCH This St. Patrick’s Day”
“You Don’t Need The Luck O’ The Irish To Get These Wonderful Earrings”
“St. Patrick’s Day is also your lucky day for a one-day only 10% off everything in our store!”
“On St. Patty’s Day, we’re celebrating with a special ‘4 Leaf Clover Sale’! Buy 3 and get the 4th free on any item marked with a four-leaf clover!
Use the leprechauns “pot of gold” in a campaign such as: “Anyone that makes a purchase on St. Patty’s day will be entered to win a ‘pot of gold’.” (And define the prize).
“Make Others Green With Envy With a Brand New Necklace Created By Us!”

That’s it! I hope you can use this. Wishing you a little ‘luck of the Irish’ in your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day promotion!

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