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If you want more traffic to your Etsy store, blog and your own online store then you need to understand the basics of how Google works.

google-trafficGoogle is a complex and clever beast and looks at hundreds of bits of information in order to decide what page it will serve up for any given search query.So let’s explore Google and see how we can use it to its maximum potential. Below is an animated infographic to explain the whole process:

How Google Works
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Now that you’ve seen how Google works you need to understand how to make the most of it by using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising efforts as well as track your Etsy store, and social networking sites and applications.

In the days before the internet, craft businesses wanting to attract potential customers into their shop had to rely heavily on traditional advertising, word of mouth and impressive front window displays to lure in passers-by. Some of these methods were effective. However, it was virtually impossible to measure just how effective – or ineffective.

For instance:

  1. Did a particular customer decide to come in because they had been planning it to all day?
  2. Was it a last second decision after seeing something in the store window display?
  3. Or maybe they saw a newspaper ad, received a recommendation from a friend, were in last week browsing around but didn’t buy anything, or something else?
  4. And when they came into the store, where did they look and how long did they stay?

More often than not, you had to make assumptions and they weren’t very accurate. Most of the time, you just hoped the money you used to attract customers was being well spent.

As a business owner in the 21st century the most likely first impression point that potential customers will interact with your brand is not your storefront (if you actually have one), or a newspaper ad, but your business website.

Think of it as your ‘virtual shop-window’ and Google Analytics as an all seeing camera that keeps track of everyone arriving at, wandering around and leaving your store. By using Google Analytics best practices, you will be able to make the most out of your measurement planning.

Benefits To Your Craft Business

Before Google Analytics you would need to use an expensive market research firm to carry out surveys on why a customer taken certain action. Now, you can access even more information anytime you like right at your desk for free.

In short, Google Analytics allows you to

  1. gain invaluable insights into your customer’s behavior
  2. examine facts rather than assumptions or guesses.
  3. confidently make educated decisions on how to improve to your website.

In the long term, this means more of the right website traffic, sales and profit.

You should set up your Google Analytics account now (if you don’t have one yet) and read more about the advanced crafters’ guide to Google Analytics to help you track your marketing efforts.

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