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What are the ultimate tips and tricks to design a craft show booth that attracts customers, shows your work at its best and fits within your budget?

The Ultimate Craft Show Display ListOur articles about craft shows have always been the most popular in our blog. So today, I will compile all of our best craft show display articles. Here they are:

Set Up

  1. How To Set Up The Best Craft Show Display
  2. Tips And Tricks On How To Display Your Products

Craft Booth Display

  1. Great Collection Of DIY Craft Show Display Tutorials
  2. 5 Craft Fair Booth Display Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of
  3. The Newest Batch Of Craft Show Display Ideas Is Here!
  4. Top 5 Craft Show Display Trends For 2016
  5. 7 Craft Show Booth Ideas That You Need To See Right Now
  6. The Best DIY Craft Show Display Tutorials You
  7. 8 DIY Lighting Tutorials For Your Craft Show Booth
  8. 6 DIY Craft Show Booth Decoration Tutorials
  9. All You Need For A Stand Out Craft Booth – Tutorials And Tips!
  10. 10 Woodcraft Tutorials For Your Handmade Products

Jewelry Display

  1. Cool DIY Jewelry Display Examples
  2. 9 Cool Jewelry Display Trends On Instagram


  1. Craft Show Banner Design Ideas

Business Cards

  1. DIY Business Card Holder Ideas For Craft Shows


  1. Craft Show Giveaway Ideas


  1. 9 Cheap Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas
  2. 10 Stunning Package Wrapping Ideas
  3. Handmade Packaging Ideas For Your Products


  1. Price Sign Display Ideas For Craft Shows


  1. Craft Show Table Covers – Samples And Ideas

Tags And Labels

  1. Tag And Label Ideas For Your Handmade Products

If you want to see more, here are more craft show display inspirations from Easy DIY Ideas:

Craft fairs are a wonderful opportunity to showcase your products and meet other artisans. I hope this list of craft show display ideas will spark your creativity and make your next show a success.

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