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Are you looking for ways to display your handmade products? Do you want to use wood? The internet is an endless source of information and woodworking is no exception.


10-woodcraft-tutorials-for-your-handmade-productsBut before you begin, make sure that you know its safety measures.

If you will be using power tools such as saw and drilling tools, make sure that you wear safety glasses at all time. Don’t forget to focus on the task at hand as saws and other power tools can do a lot of damage very quickly!

Selecting the Right Wood

As with any crafting project, it is important to start with good quality supplies that are free of any defects.

If you want to paint your final project, pay particular attention to the color of the wood. Bass, aspen and furniture grade pine are wonderful choices because of their neutral color and moderate hardness.

Avoid defects such as knots, warping, cracks, gouging, or water damage.

Choose the right size of wood for your project. Note that typically, the dimensions given to a particular size of lumber (e.g. 2 x 4, 1 x 2) is the size of the wood when it is rough cut. Once the lumber is finished it will actually be slightly smaller than the stated dimension.

In this video from the Making Something channel, he talked about selling their crafts at handmade events and fairs.


If you are wondering how they make those amazing woodcrafts, check these tutorials below:

  1. Beer Totes
  2. Wine Display
  3. Magnetic Bangle Bracelet
  4. Cactus Planters
  5. TV Remote Box
  6. Wine Boxes
  7. Serving Tray
  8. Bandsaw Box
  9. Cutting Board
  10. Beer Flights

If wood crafting is something you wish to learn, it can be mastered with time and dedication. Learning and practicing by allowing yourself to make mistakes is the best process for mastering the activity. Eventually, you will develop the skills necessary to create the masterpiece you desire.

There are no shortcuts to the craft and you will need to go through the entire learning process and make mistakes. If you are dedicated, your end results can be truly extraordinary.

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