The 6 Best DIY Craft Show Display Tutorials You’ll Ever See!

Craft Maker Pro » The 6 Best DIY Craft Show Display Tutorials You’ll Ever See!

Do you want to draw people in and make your products look their best?

The Best DIY Craft Show Display Tutorials YouCraft shows can be pricey and if you have to spend money on a show it’s better to spend the money on a good canopy to keep you safe and dry as there are a lot of horrific stories about strong winds during craft shows.

So here is a list of six of the best 4 to 8-minute video tutorials for making your own great looking and budget-friendly craft show display stands.

1. DIY Craft Display Case Tutorial

The materials he used are a bit specific. You don’t need to use these exact materials, it’s up to your own creative vices to make what you want and how you want.

2. DIY Necklace and Jewelry Display Spinning Stand

Learn how to make your very own necklace and jewelry stand with things you may already have at home!

3. DIY Easy Tree Jewelry Stands In Under 20 Minutes For $10

In this video learn how to make two simple mini Tree Jewelry Stands. Perfect for displaying jewelry in your home, boutique or crafting events!

4. DIY Rings & Earrings Jewelry Display Box Organizer

Here’s an elegant, simple and classic style to store your rings and earrings. This is a great way to see them and protect them from being knocked around or becoming tarnished. It also makes a pretty display case for your craft show booth!

5. DIY Candle Jar Organizer

In this video, she will show you how to make a chic organizer using bath and body works candle jars but obviously, you can use other candle jars or glasses.

She originally made this for her bathroom stuff but it can also be a great organizer for your tiny craft show products.

6. DIY Accessory Holder | Necklace, Headband, Eyewear & Bracelet

This accessory holder looks elegant that will definitely grab the attention of your target customers.

To assess whether your own booth uses the same principles effectively, take a photo of your entire booth the way you normally set it up.

It is absolutely amazing how well a photo can help you to see things that you may not see when you’re simply standing in front of your booth.

I hope these video tutorials bring out your creativity and you can add your own personal touch to go with your craft show display scheme!

If you try these projects, don’t forget to send a photo.

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