How To Save 90% Time On Your Etsy Social Media Postings

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Do you want to increase your social reach in no time? Do you want to save over 90% time on social media postings and still get super high reach?

How To Save 90 Time On Your Etsy Social Media PostingsA service called can help you with that. It is built specifically for shop owners (currently mainly supporting Etsy and a few other marketplaces) and automatically fetches products from your store for you to schedule with the click of a button.

Here are other things that can do for your handmade business:

  • Allows you to promote Etsy listings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + from one place.
  • Allows you as an Etsy seller to schedule all your social media posts in advance
  • Facebook posts on timeline, pages and groups
  • Tweets
  • Pins for Pinterest boards

You’ll get a 7 day free trial to try and play around with, and if you like to continue the service, the fee is $9.99 a month.

How To Setup

Just signup, connect your accounts and you are good to go (takes less than 3 minutes to set-up) and

  1. Sign up. If you have not signed up already, go to following link and sign up (takes about 30 seconds) to
  2. Connect your social media accounts with your account. Go to admin page and click on “Settings” (right top) Add your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Etsy/Storenvy/Shopify account (just click on buttons).
  3. Facebook, Twitter and your shop, you just have to click on “Connect” button and follow through (it’s all automated) For Pinterest, you will have to add your Pinterest username and password.
  4. Add #hashtags. They highly recommend that you add hashtags that is related to your products. These hashtags will be available to you around the application and are super useful for automation.

How To Use It Right

You will see a huge increase in listing views and a substantial increase in sales if you use it right. So how to use it right?You just need to spend 5 minutes a day with and plan your social media strategy including learning the best and worst times to post on social media. It is the best tool to schedule your posts if you are a handmade business owner or an Etsy seller who want to promote listings on social media. Takes barely anytime and is really effective.

How To Use It?

On the left sidebar of the homepage, you will see different tabs such as Tweet all day, Pin all day, Post all day, etc. aroundio Tweet all day button: On this tab, you will be allowed to enter a tweet, create all new tweets and save tweets. You will see nice tweets and related hashtagscreated for you. You can edit any one or all of them, you can delete one/all of them. But if you like what you see, all you have to do is click “Save Tweets” on right top. That will save all your tweets and these tweets will be tweeted from your account at the specified date and time.

Pin all day button:You can choose to pin all of them on one board or click on “Randomize Boards” button on right top. By clicking ‘save pins’, these updates are now scheduled to be posted on your Pinterest account.

Post all day button: On this tab you will see related posts to your handmade business. You can use them by clicking “Save Posts” on right top. That will save all your posts and these posts will be posted from your account at the specified date and time.

It also allows you to to post to groups (next to posting to your fanpage), which could be very helpful if you’ve joined Facebook groups that allow sharing and promoting arts and crafts. Many members of these groups have notifications set up that will give them a heads up when a new listing has been posted. One of these members could easily be your ideal customer.

That’s it for now. I hope this post helps you save 90% of your time on your Etsy social media posting.

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