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Are you looking for other venues for selling handmade crafts? Do you want to branch out from Etsy or Artfire?

NWell, I’ve been looking around and noticed a few venues for selling handcrafted goods that might be useful for the creative minds out there.

Handmade Artists

Handmade Artists is $5 per month. It has digital downloads but does not allow resellers. In there you will find a community of artistwhich gives them a strictly handmade outlet to sell their creations. It has fantastic customer service (live chat as well as the forum) and does not close threads or shops, with very few exceptions. I like the fact that it is only handmade!

How it works: The site keeps a simple fee structure of $5.00 a month or $50.00 a year, that’s it, no commissions or listing fees are charged.


Another one to try is Goodsmiths. Their structure is similar to Etsy, though don’t have the traffic as yet because they are young. But let’s keep an eye on them because they look good. They also have a hub the site where you can share ideas, meet people, and celebrate creativity.

How it works: No set-up or listing fees. Open a shop and publish 25 listings without paying a dime.Low transaction fees. You pay only 2.5% on each sale, big or small. That’s it!


Luulla is an online marketplace for handmade business owners. You may upload your items in bulk with a compressed file of .CSV format which contains the details of your products, so it’s easy listing your products. The problem is, this online marketplace is full of resellers which is something handmade artists like you may want to avoid. You might want to check it out and see if it suits your business.

How it works: They will allow you to purchase 100 listings for $20 USD. It costs $0.20 USD to list an item for 4 months. 4.5% selling fee on the item’s sale price. Or a month plan, flat fee of $9.90 USD per month with unlimited product listing. 4.5% selling fee on the item’s sale price.

Craft Café

Craft Café is a marketplace for both handmade business owners and craft suppliers. Complete with user friendly shops, easy set up, and easy purchasing.

How it works: Fees vary if you post handmade items or supplies. $4.96 monthly for posting handmade items while $9.95 for supplies. You can do both by paying $12.95 per month.

Shop Delighted

Launched in May 2012, Shop Delighted is an online marketplace for handmade goods and supplies and a community for all who love handmade. Through Delighted, individual artisans and very small businesses can earn a living selling their creations.

How it works: Fees here are quite complicated compared to others. To explain the methods of payment, please see here.

Are you familiar with these sites? Do you sell things at these online venues and if so how is the traffic there and sales?

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