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Good news Etsy sellers!

Etsy just released a card reader that works just like all of the other card readers out there, except it’s orange and only works with Etsy purchases.It is now available for Etsy Etsy-Card-Reader-–-All-You-Need-To-Knowsellers based in the US only to accept credit and debit card payments in person and help manage their multi-channel sales more efficiently.

According to Etsy, 35 percent of its sellers sell their products at craft shows which mean that 35 percent of its sellers may be using services like Square or PayPal to accept credit cards. That also means that a percentage of those sales go directly to Square or PayPal.

How It Works

The Etsy Card Reader can be plugged into a smartphone or tablet, and will then be used in conjunction with an Etsy app to allow sellers to accept credit card and debit card purchases while selling their handmade goods at craft fairs and in other retail settings.

The card will also integrate with a seller’s online shop. Items sold in person get captured in your Etsy Shop Stats, and your online inventory will adjust in real-time. Etsy will also send electronic receipts to customers who make a purchase using the reader that will include information about the seller’s Etsy store to try to build a deeper seller-customer relationship.

In addition, if someone with an Etsy account buys a necklace from a booth at a flea market, she can write a review that feeds back to the seller’s page online.

Etsy Card Reader Payment Info

The payments through the card reader are competitively priced at 2.75% per swipe. The readers are only available to sellers who use Etsy’s own payments platform, called Direct Checkout, to accept credit and debit card purchases on and on the Etsy app.

Etsy vs Square

The new product will pit Etsy against other reader providers such as Square, PayPal and Amazon. However, the closest competition of Etsy is Square. Square charges the same 2.75 percent fee as Etsy while PayPal charges 2.7 percent. Amazon is taking just a 1.75 percent cut on purchases through the end of 2015, but will raise the fee to 2.5 percent after that.

Etsy’s fee is higher than PayPal’s and Amazon’s (but the same as Square’s). On the other hand, merchants using Etsy’s reader don’t pay the 3.5 percent transaction fee it charges for online orders.

The advantage of Etsy over Square and others is that the Etsy card reader and app are integrated with the site itself and so sales are included in your Shop Stats. What’s more, sales made in person are automatically reflected in your store’s inventory (whether the person paid cash or card). However, Etsy card reader can’t accept mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Etsy App and Reader is launching in the U.S. at first but will roll out to additional countries “soon.”

Sign up here to get your free Etsy card reader.

That’s it. Happy selling!

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  1. I used the ETSY CARD READER today with my own credit card. The reader wont function properly if not completely plugged into cell phone or tablet ~ if it does not connect correctly you might need to remove your devices rubber cover etc. Click on SELL ON ETSY app on your cell phone or tablet. Click DASHBOARD & SELL NOW. You now have 3 choices: Quick Sale, Sell From Listings, & Sell From History. QUICK SALE lets you quickly put in a dollar amount for the sale with out going to your shop. SELL FROM LISTINGS allows you to sell items directly from your ETSY shop ~ when this happens, the item is deducted from listing & will automatically adjust the quantity of items left. This adds more sales to your shop which customers can leave feedback with. SELL FROM HISTORY allows you to sell an item that has been previously bought. 3 different ways to run your ETSY shop via your cell phone or tablet while at craft shows, bazarres, etc. Each swipe is 2.75%. The swiper comes packaged in a wood box that holds a sign showing you accept credit cards. Put it back in wood box & theres a giant orange rubber band to hold it together for when its packed up.
    The most exciting aspect to this new swiper is it can pull from your ETSY store in real life time which increases your sales stats.
    Some people prefer to stick with the swipers they already have – this is strictly a personal choice.
    You are not required to have the ETSY SWIPER just because you have an ETSY STORE.

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