5 Reasons Why Your Handmade Products Are Not Selling

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Are you wondering why your products are not selling?

5 Reasons Why Your Handmade Products Are Not SellingA website for you handmade products or joining popular marketplaces are a fantastic way to build revenue with very little overhead: You can generate sales around-the-clock at a global level without the expenses or staff required to operate a brick-and-mortar business.

However, even though there are millions of consumers in the United States who love handmade, and spend a per-person average of more than a thousand dollar per year, plenty of handmade business are still struggling to become profitable.

So why are you one of them? Here are 5 reasons for you that you may be guilty about:

1.You Are Overselling

You know how a desperate person looks and customers know when a sales person is desperate for a sale. Simply too pushy especially during craft shows.

Overselling is the fastest way to turn off a potential customer. If you are being too pushy, it sends a message to your customer: “Nobody else wants this product so please, please, please can you buy it”.

It makes them worry that they are buying something that no one else wants – what could be so wrong with the product that nobody wants it? Is it bad quality? Is it old technology?

Also, don’t lie about your product’s success with customers, and give customer the impression that they must buy it/commit/move along in the sales stage. Otherwise they will back off quickly, and probably never return.

2.You Didn’t Establish Trust

The number one requirement when selling online is to make your business trustworthy, especially if your thing is pricey. I mean, would you want to buy something from someone online with so many negative feedback, or no reviews? Probably not!

You also need to treat people like actual people, not just potential customers to give you sales. You need to create a connection with them, be personal with them and give them tons of value (for free) to help build that ever so important trust!

3. You Are Not Confident With Your Products

It’s not good to sound like a robot when you’re selling. Handmade also means passion. So add heart and soul when you’re talking about your products. It’s uncomfortable for customers if you don’t believe in your products. You should be able to answer their questions directly.

You should believe in whatever you’re selling and since that’s the case, you can have genuine conversations with prospective customers that lead them to invest in a relationship with you <– that’s selling.

4. You Are Not Visible

If you are creating wonderful products then why wouldn’t you share that? People will not just come to your website because you have one. People will not read your blog posts just because you publish them. People will not hire you for your services just because you have a contact page. You have to be visible!

I am not saying that you go around telling everyone, “look at me! hire me!” – but it does mean you need to BE VISIBLE. Regularly show up wherever your potential customers are and build relationships. Be helpful. People will notice.

Go and join craft shows, add a social media page, participate in forum discussions and Facebook group page, etc.

5. You Hate Rejection

If you know how to handle rejection, you are in the right path to gain success. If you join craft shows, there is a big chance that people won’t notice your products and a sense of rejection might sink in. But should you take it personally? No of course not. Should you continue selling? Absolutely!

While those are my tips, here are additional 5 reasons why you aren’t making sales according to my good friend, Renae Christine.

There you have it! 10 reasons from Renae and I that can prevent you from making your numbers and reaching your sales. Each of these reasons is completely within your control so the only thing preventing you from executing, is you.

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