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With the spring/summer craft fair season well under way, you might be wondering, “Is it worth it?”. It may be worth it for the initial sales you make but how can you make the most out of your craft show experience?

post-craft-show-salesLets look at some of the ways you can improve your after show sales.

Make Friends

Greet your visitors with a smile, hello, and eye contact. Imagine yourself going to booths where the person was reading a book (and ignoring the customers) or having a conversation with other people behind the table. This kind of behavior is rude and drives away sales. You want your potential customers to feel welcome and appreciated, not like they’re interrupting you or bothering you. Professionalism counts! So dress accordingly, too. And don’t be afraid to wear what you make to make them remember you even after the show.

Don’t forget to make contacts with other artists as well. They can give you important advices about selling at craft fair, about their experience and you can also make new friends. Don’t bother them when they’re working, wait until the end of the fair or the lunch. Exchange business cards with them and try to help them by offering your experience. I think that if you’re generous with the person they will be like that as well. And who knows? They might know someone who are interested in your products and might recommend you.

Don’t Forget Business Cards

Have business cards on your table in one or more of those card holders. People love to pick them up and you may get a call. Also, put one in every bag. Tell your customers that you have added your business card as all your work is guaranteed and they will know how to reach you. Makes them feel really good knowing that they can get in touch with you after purchasing your products for feedback.

Collect Email Addresses

Shows are a great way to develop your customer database and start your email marketing campaigns. You can make it traditional, modern, or your own way.

  • Traditional – Try putting a fishbowl on your table and offering people a chance to win a piece of artwork in return for giving you their contact information. Giving away promotional items with your company’s name and logo works, too. These people are going to be going from booth to booth to booth and you can’t rely on them to remember you. If you get their email address, you can send them your newsletter and stay in touch. This will help you turn potential customers into loyal customers.
  • Modern – Let people sign-up for special offers. Collects email addresses and store them locally on your iPad. An app called Chimpadeedoo automatically pushes the addresses to your MailChimp list even without Wifi or internet connection. If you are not using MailChimp, you can use Prospect Snap via iPhone or iPad. This app replaces paper signup sheets so you don’t have to manually enter emails into your newsletter after the show.

Enter all your new emails into your database and send out a newsletter of gratitude to everyone who stopped by your booth and supported you. Share links to your Etsy shop and social media.

Labels And Stickers

Make sure that your products and packaging have labels, stickers or leaflets with your contact details on them. Don’t forget to include your facebook page url. I have often bought something from a craft fair and shown it to a friend who wants one too. Make it easy for your customers to spread the word about how great your stuff is!

If I missed an important point here feel free to enter in comments containing your own post craft show sales ideas or helpful hints, you would like to share that have worked for you.

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