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Are you a jewelry seller? Are you afraid of shipping your jewelry because you fear that your package of valuables could be lost, damaged, or stolen?

How To Ship Jewelry SafelyShipping jewelry is now easier and cheaper! Most jewelry is small and lightweight enough to fit in the smallest size shipping box or bubble-padded envelope, and sent with a relatively small amount of postage.

However, there are things you need to know before you ship your jewelry products. According to DiamondCouncil.Org, there are best practices for shipping jewelry. Here they are:

  1. Ideally, you should pack jewelry in a small-sized jewelry box (depends upon the size of the jewelry though). Seal with tape.
  2. Put a label on the box with the return address and tracking number in case the outer shipping box is damaged.
  3. Pack the inner box in a large packaging box from the delivery service or a sturdy, unmarked shipping box (no smaller than an adult-sized shoe box).
  4. Make sure you add another packing material to protect the inner box during shipping.
  5. Seal the shipping box with gummed, reinforced paper mailing tape or pressure-sensitive shipping tape. Write the tracking number on the box.
  6. Don’t make it obvious that you are shipping jewelry.
  7. Require a signature to be obtained upon delivery, using Registered Mail whenever possible.
  8. Don’t use flimsy materials to seal the package such as string, rope, masking tape or cellophane tape.

So what top jewelry sellers say about the best ways to ship jewelry?


You can look on Amazon, Ebay or other places for the best deal and work it into your shipping prices.

The fun thing about the boxes is you can decorate them with ribbon, washi tape or whatever you feel like on the cheap. You can put boxes in small clear poly bags to protect them from rain and the elements. Then they go in a bubble mailer.

White jewelry boxes from is also a great idea. Use a branding sticker that the customer can remove so they can reuse the jewelry box. Also, a pretty organza or eco-friendly bags is a great addition. If you can’t use a jewelry box again try Uline for small bubble envelopes that seal shut.

If you are shipping a necklace or a bracelet, use a bracelet box because it is long and there is something under each end to tuck the necklace under to secure in place. Add two strips of bubble wrap over the necklace to keep it from sliding during travel, and place the box in a bubble envelope.

Bonus Tip:
The reason why most sellers don’t use jewelry boxes is twofold, one the depth of the package can affect the postage costs which is not great if you want to save from shipping cost. But more importantly, small boxes in padded envelopes scream ‘jewelry’ to the light fingered along the delivery process.

Bubble Wrap

It has always been a best practice to add plenty of bubble wrap in a velveteen draw string pouch and into a padded mailer.

However, there was one case that the seller wrapped it in bubble wrap real good and put into a bubble mailer. She purchased an Etsy label and took to post office placing it in their already labeled package container. It arrived to customer smashed. From then on she wrap carefully, put into a small jewelry box wrapped in bubble wrap and then into bubble mailer, get Etsy label, and hand deliver it to postal clerk to hand stamp package. Otherwise it goes thru a machine with better likelihood of being broken or smashed.

If it’s a more expensive piece of jewelry, it goes in a small USPS priority box.

Tissue Paper

Don’t forget to wrap the jewelry in tissue paper to keep it safe, and as the boxes are strong, just pop them in a pretty colored postie bag.

Bubble wrap or tissue paper, then a gift box, the gift box in watertight ziplock, then a lot of padding in a sturdy mail box is good.

That’s it. How about you? How do you ship your jewelry, artwork or any fragile products? Please let us know in the comments.

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