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“Put the horse first, not the cart”

QThat’s the most basic thing to do before you start marketing your handcraft items.

The horse is having a full shop of items to sell. “Full” can be hard to define, but I think there has to be enough in your shop to give people a lot to look at. It takes a long time to get up to 50 or 100 listings or more, but marketing a semi-full shop is just going to be discouraging if you don’t have much to market.

Prepare the horse first and then start these quick marketing techniques:

  1. Social Media. Linking your shop with social media helps so much. It’s free and lets everyone know you’re there. If you don’t want to monitor a lot of accounts, find a social media outlet you like and master it.
  2. Photos. I think I’ve mentioned this many times already in the blog and that is because high quality photos are really powerful when it comes to attracting potential online customers and converting them to buyers.
  3. Tags. Most handmade business owners think having good tags is the key. Having good tags helps get your views up. To get started, use the right keywords by doing a keyword research.
  4. Etsy Ads. If you’re new on Etsy, let people your newly launched shop. You can pay 20 cents per ad to promote your shop items.. Some sellers reported that they have sold items which more than paid for that. If you’re on a budget, you can check always check other free places to advertise your handmade business.
  5. Forums. Get involved in forums and meet new people who share the same passion with you. In that case, you’ll be able to get support and learn from them.
  6. Wanelo. It is an online community for all in the world of shopping.There is a thread where everyone posts an item from their shop saved on wanelo and everybody has to save all the items posted so eventually your item gets a lot of attention! It has been the best way of promotion for some craft sellers.

This is just an overview of marketing techniques you can do as a newbie for your craft business but always remember, there are many other free ways to promote your items online.

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