Rude Comments At A Craft Fair – How Do You Respond?

Craft Maker Pro » Rude Comments At A Craft Fair – How Do You Respond?

Meanwhile at a craft show, a customer comments…

R“I could make that myself”

“This is Too Expensive”

“Who Would Ever Buy That?”

But it’s okay. These comments wouldn’t be as upsetting as it could be if you just know a couple of (nice) responses ready for them. I have gathered nice and smart responses to rude comments from experienced craft sellers. So, take your pick and don’t let anyone ruin your day.

“I could make that myself”


“That’s wonderful! I put a lot of time and work into it, so I’m impressed if you can make it too.”

“Oh, do you craft too? It’s always nice to meet fellow artists.”

“Oh, well, this one is all ready to go!”

“This one just needs wrapping paper to be the perfect gift”

“Well now you won’t have to because I already did all the work for you” and smile.

“Yes, it’s fun. You should try!”

#TIP: Sell craft kits to make the items that you sell so you just refer them to your kit if they say something like that.

“This is Too Expensive”


“I have a lot of customers who are really happy with my price, and I have to make a living from my work. I’m sorry it’s not your style.”

“Well, everything is handmade…”

#TIP: Just smile. In most cases, they won’t -or- they realize that the time, materials and time to master said craft, is less cost effective than just buying something readymade.

“Who Would Ever Buy That?”


“I have a lot of customers who really love my items, so I guess everyone has expensive taste.”

If they become extremely rude, draw the line by saying “Have some respect” while projecting a death-stare… (kidding!!!)

The best way to deal with it is just to smile sweetly and ignore their unnecessary comments.

You can’t really predict what people will do or say. Though the few rude comments you may receive can be painful, focus on the positive side of craft shows, and never allow your spirits to be crushed by a few bad apples!

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