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Are you an Etsy seller who wants to maximize your options when it comes to product promotion?

ELook no further…

You can promote your listings at the very core of Etsy. I’m talking about Etsy Forums. But before we share the secret, let’s explore it first and see what it is built for.

The Etsy Forum is a great place for Etsians where you can gather and discuss everything from the site and handmade products to craft photography and even food that relieves stress.

They are divided into three main sections, each with its own focus of discussion:

  1. Questions: If you have a question about the site or running an Etsy shop, ask other Etsy members here!
  2. Discussions: If you have an idea for Etsy that you’d like to discuss with others, you can post it here. Discuss tips and tricks you’ve learned from a recent craft show experience, respond to brilliant ideas posted by other or just socialize with the members of the Etsy Community. All of that goes here!
  3. Bugs: Notice an issue with the site? Report it here!

In addition to responding to posts in Etsy threads that others have started, you can start your own new thread if you have an issue that hasn’t already been addressed. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Click the title of the forum in which you want to create a new thread.
  2. Click the Create Thread button in the upper-right corner of the forum page. The Create a New Thread page opens.
  3. Type a descriptive, relevant title for your thread in the Title field. For best results, type your whole question into the Title field (if it fits).
  4. Type your post in the Post field.
  5. Click the Create Topic button.

Etsy creates a new thread, with your post at the top.

Learn how to promote your Etsy listings on Etsy Forums by watching this video:


Also, you can do this to your Etsy Teams of you’re a member of one. If not, check this article about Etsy Teams and learn how to get into the right team.

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