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Do you think your Etsy shop is losing its luster and you want it to be found again? Or you are new to Etsy and looking for ways to be found right away?

HBeing found is easy and with some help of the search engine, Etsy hearts and circles, new eyes on new photos, and relevant keyword changes to meet Etsy’s search. Your views will increase and next thing you know, you will be neck high in packages to send out to your new found customers.

So what you should do?


An important part in improving your Etsy shop’s online presence is to find the best possible words to describe your shop and your items by doing some basic keyword research.

Think like your target customers. What words would you search when looking for your products or shop? Using these keywords is helpful when you choose Tags for your item listings, which help place your listing in Browse pages and Categories on Etsy, as well as getting found through Etsy’s on-site search function.

In addition, scroll down below the three boxes and see what’s “Trending Now”. This will give you hints on what to use as keywords to become more relevant to the Etsy search.


Review your shop name, item title and descriptions then edit accordingly.

Your Etsy Shop Name is the text a person sees in the search engine that links to your shop. Search engines only show about 66 characters for a page title and Etsy will also automatically include your username in the page title. Same principle applies to your Item Title.

Item Title

Make sure that you describe your items clearly at the beginning of the Item Title. Don’t forget what you learned from the keyword research about the keywords you think your target customers may search. The Item Title is also a factor in the search engine on Etsy, so a good Item Title is very IMPORTANT.

Item Description

Etsy allows your to create a 160 characters description of your products so take advantage of it. It is shown under your page title on a search engine results page.Search engines look at a page’s full content. Be sure to describe your item well, using your keywords and providing details about the item.

Edit Shop Title and Shop Announcement: Your Shop > Info & Appearance.

Edit Item Title and Description: Your Shop > Listings and clicking Edit towards the right of that listing.

Use the preview function to see how it will look as a Google search result.

Redo Pictures

As part of the review process, edit some of your product images that have great angles or important products on it.

  1. Sorting: Sort the original pictures taken for the listing, then, pick only one or two to redo (if you want to save time), then work on those pictures,
  2. Cropping: Crop a picture to give a different angle of your product image. If your listing pictures look the same, one solution is to change the angle up a bit by cropping which does not require you to retake the picture. Time saver!
  3. Editing: Edit your photo’s lighting. Sometimes a lighter picture gives better detail on a sparkle, a color representation, or a pattern. Fix dark photos and at the same time, make the pictures ‘pop’ off the page. Also, don’t forget to keep the colors the same as the actual item.

Once you’re finished redoing your photos, there’s a good chance that it’ll get new hearts that can lead to treasuries, lead to more views, new circle peeps, and even sales.

Getting found is awesome for increased views and eventually more sales. Don’t skip on these rules and see where it takes you.

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